MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - April 18-24

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MLB is now in full-gear, and fans across the globe are tuned in to find out how this year’s season might turn out.

With two weeks under our belt now, the gauge on teams and their possible outlook is gaining traction.

Issues on both ends of the field, whether hitting or pitching, are going to be addressed in the coming days.

Managers and coaches will be analyzing their statistics, as well as watching film to determine what they need to do in order to improve. has all your MLB betting needs, including player props and others!

Take a look at this week’s predictions and take your shot!


Game 1 - Atlanta Braves versus Los Angeles Dodgers - April 20th, Wednesday

Braves Nation and the Atlanta faithful are expecting a higher intensity and level to this World Series team.

At the moment, they are still trying to figure things out, which is just fine.

Rather than later on in the season, the Braves are slowly finding out who they are this year, and what adjustments need to be made.

Having lost their fellow star-player and first baseman, Freddie Freeman, to the Dodgers in the summer, the revenge factor is in their minds.

Ronald Acuna Jr. and his team have to find ways to impact the result on the field, and it is currently not happening.

Tony Gonsolin and the Dodgers will be excited to welcome the team that eliminated them from the post season last year.

Snagging one of their best players in the process, the Dodgers will feel short-changed by how last season went, as their talent is undeniable.

World Series contenders in their blood, the men from Hollywood are going to be fired up for this game and series, and it will be extremely difficult to stop them if they gain even a tad bit of momentum.

Prediction - Dodgers -1.5. One of baseball’s most prolific rosters, they will show why they are the better team this upcoming Wednesday.

Game 2 - Houston Astros versus Texas Rangers - April 21st, Thursday

The Houston Astros are looking into this season with hope and optimism, after a solid year last year was cut out during the latter stage of the postseason.

Loaded with both pitching and hitting, the Astros are dangerous year in and year out, and the past five or so years has reflected the roster depth and consistency.

MVP Candidate Jose Altuve is still leading them in important moments, and he is the key spark they need.

The Rangers are looking up and looking for ways to make life more fun down in Arlington.

The in-state rivals of the Astros, they have not done much to make the rivalry competitive in the last few years.

Prediction - Over on runs 8.5, in what should be a pitching farce with multiple hits leading to some scores!