Moscow Liga Pro, Table Tennis - Betting tips

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The Moscow Liga Pro’s table tennis is now the talk of the sporting world, amidst these unique times we live in.

Some of you have been asking for betting tips on these matches. Who wouldn’t want to win some Bitcoins with this Russian sensation?

The Liga Pro literally defines ‘niche’. So finding out information on some of these players and the tournament was difficult.

However, we here at Stake have delved deep into the web to try and help you get the edge. These are all the matches available to bet on right now.

Here is a list of ten players in the Moscow Liga Pro table tennis that you should be on the look out for when betting.

1. Timofey Arteev

Arteev is one of the strongest players in the field, holding an impressive 13-4 and record since March 29. Arteev has yet to lose a match in straight sets, prov and he is a very reliable option for multis or single bets.

2. Sergey Kuzmin

Kuzmin’s record may not be as strong as Arteev’s, but his consistency has held him in good stead. Kuzmin has only been beaten in straight sets once over the last week. A real fighter who will always give his best performance.

3. Alexander Volkov

Two of Timofey Arteev’s three losses have come at the hands of Volkov, whose form has been more up and down than he’d like. A real wildcard, Volkov may be the toughest player to trust with a bet. But as they say, “high risk, high reward”.

4. Andrey Sadkov

Sadkov is up there in the top tier of players in the tournament, boasting a record of 18-4 since March 29. He went 10-1 on March 30 and 31, with a straight sets loss to Vasily Shirshov his only blemish. When in doubt, don’t bet against Sadkov.

5. Igor Smirnov

Great name aside, Igor has also established himself as a force to be reckoned with in this tournament. A 19-3 record since March 30 is well complimented by a string of four or five set matches, showing that Smirnov can go the distance. Another bankable option.

6. Oleg Shagarov

A 6-6 record isn’t setting the world on fire, but Shagarov has defeated the aforementioned Smirnov three times. That’s no mean feat. Despite a so-so record, any match he is in must be considered from a betting standpoint. Never write him off.

7. Alexander Gribkov

Gribkov is another player whose record isn’t anything to write home about, but he is a determined player. He has suffered only one straight sets loss in the last week and he has pushed his opponent to five sets nine times. Perhaps not the strongest player in the tournament, but one to keep an eye on.

8. Dmitry Kolesnikov

Kolesnikov is a real dark horse. Any matches that were decided in the straight sets, he came out on top. His record of 15-9 doesn’t meet the standards set by Arteev, Sadkov or Smirnov. However, you’d be foolish to rule him out when betting. A contender, for sure.

9. Vladimir Nemashkalo

Nemashkalo is a high quality player who would be in the upper echelon of players if he was more consistent. Four straight sets win in a row on March 31 was followed up by three straight losses on April 1. A strong player who can surprise. Proceed with caution when betting.

10. Igor Ramensky

Don’t be fooled by Ramensky’s record prior to April at the Liga Pro Moscow. In spite of a few losses, Igor is not to be taken lightly. Four straight wins on April 1, with two wins over Nemashkalo certifying him as a player to watch out for. A strong player you can depend on.

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All the information about Liga Pro Moscow players has been taken from the official competition website.