NBA Tips and Predictions: January 11 - 16

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The NBA Season has been a spectacle to watch up to this point, and fans are itching to get into more action to determine which teams have the best chances to win it all this year. With so many noteworthy headlines that grab this sport by the daily, the NBA has become a sporting drama and show for many people. The popcorn is always ready for any moment within the National Basketball Association, and being on the edge of your seat is required. We’re going to be analyzing and predicting some of the best picks for the best games this week, and hopefully create some profits for the greater good! Let’s dive right in!

January 11th – Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors

A matchup that showcases two of the top teams in the NBA currently, the Memphis Grizzlies will be hosting the newly revived Klay Thompson GSW. Ja Morant has been dominating the league for the past month or so back from COVID, and there is nothing stopping him down anytime soon. This western rivalry will pick up when the GSW comes to town this Tuesday. Both teams are Western royalty at the moment, but Curry and Thompson will be coming into this game with a point to prove. There will be definite value with the road team, and I still love backing them against this Memphis team that has owned them recently.

Selection: Golden State Warriors ML

January 12th – Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets

Flexed onto the big stage, the Chicago Bulls have been dynamite this season. Their scoring power and ability to play defence have them at the top with the best of the East. DeMar Derozan is playing like an MVP candidate and is on a supreme mission to prove the doubters wrong. The Brooklyn Nets have Kyrie Irving back, but only part-time. They will have to figure out life with and without the all-star night in and night out. An interesting predicament that heads that team currently, Nash will be scheming to create an effective game plan for both situations. The Bulls are more team bound at this point, and their chemistry will take them to a home win.

Selection:  Chicago Bulls ML

January 14th – Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics

The Philadelphia 76ers are figuring out life without Ben Simmons in 2021-2022, and they are not looking back. The once all-star point guard has been taken out of their plans, and they are starting to really understand how to work as a team. Joel Embiid will always be their star man, and as long as he is in the healthy lines, this team has a shot. With solid role players and shooting at all fronts, the 76ers are well-versed and coached. They will be a huge problem against the reeling Boston Celtics, who at the moment cannot find anything to cheer about. Trade rumours, team controversies, and overall poor results have this team asking questions, and no answers to be found just yet. This game will be a huge test for the Celtics, and one that they will need to pass.


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