NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 26

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The NHL regular season is on its penultimate week, and we have some great matches to close out the season in style.

This year’s playoffs race has been absolutely gnarly, with so many teams making a cut at the title, there is going to be a ton of action to kick off the Stanley Cup.

For now though, we are going through a phase of end of season games that will have a large impact on the standings and seedings for the big tournament.

The NHL has picked up a huge reputation this season for entertaining, action-packed games, with plenty of goals to go around even for some of the lesser teams.

Making the adjustments during these last few games of the season will be a key opportunity for some of the lesser players to make an impact and possibly earn playing time either for next season or the playoffs.

Managers and coaches will be monitoring their star players progress throughout the next week and a half.

Let’s get into some of the premier matchups this week on Stake.com’s sportsbook, the best place to bet on NHL matches.

Tampa Bay Lightning versus New York Rangers - Wednesday, April 5th

The TB Lightning are riding into the 2023 playoffs with tons of confidence and finally regaining their Championship form that was just narrowly missed in 2022.

Lightning fans know what this team is capable of, and their defensive backline is truly one of the grittiest in all of the NHL.

Anything that comes from their games is hard fought, and they are starting to track down goal scoring opportunities with precision to end the season.

The Lightning and their star GK Vasilevsky will be more than willing to take on any suitors in the playoffs, especially with the hard work on seeding they’ve done throughout the year.

They will be welcoming their ECF final rivals from last year, the NY Rangers.

The Rangers plan to get into the swing of things and become a top contender hasn’t exactly panned out this season, and they are going to be back to a lower seed this season.

Something that hasn’t been clicking is their ability to stop the puck in dangerous scenarios.

Igor Shisterkin can only stop so much, and this year seems like one for cracking and holes within their side of the ice.

They will have a tough matchup this week against the Lightning and will have to start off with a few goals in order to guarantee a win.

Betting Prediction - Asian total under on goals, TB Lightning to win in regulation.

Vegas Golden Knights versus Dallas Stars - Saturday, April 8th

Both the VGK Knights and Dallas Stars will be playoff contenders coming from the West this 2023 playoffs, and they are heading into the big dance with a ton of great matches under their belt.

Solid in their attack, both of these teams are true to their game plans and have racked up wins by sticking to their guns.

Goal scoring is not a problem for either side, but they will look towards their defence to make a huge stop or two when the playoffs arrive.

Regardless of this game’s outcome, look out for both in a potential journey to a Stanley Cup final.

Prediction - Over on total goals, Stars money line.