Sergio Aguero: Champions League Final & City's title win

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Champions League Final

You believe Real Madrid will beat Liverpool in the final, why is that and is that painful for you to say given your affiliation with Atletico Madrid?

Let's see... I think Madrid have more experience overall as a club, but Liverpool have shown up well in the Champions League for the past few years.

It will be close, but I think Madrid will be more confident, having played the finals before and turning around tough games in the past.

That's the edge I can point towards.

You are picking Real Madrid to win the Champions League final, upsetting favourites Liverpool;

  • Where will the game be won?

  • Who are the players to watch and why?

  • What is your score prediction?

  • Is there someone who will make a name for themselves in this fixture?

I think Liverpool will kick off with their usual intensity.

They'll aim to score from the get-go. Their offence is top-notch, and their wingmen can carry the ball forwards and assist excellently.

Madrid will be on the counter, making the most of Vinicius' speed and Benzema's form. Modric will be one to watch out for, as he always plays a pivotal role in these instances.

Virgil Van Dijk vs Karim Benzema will see one of the world’s greatest defenders and attackers go head-to-head - who will come out on top and why?

It'll be a compelling bout. Van Dijk is one of the best defenders out there and, in this game, Benzema will be decisive. We'll see who comes out on top.

Does Benzema deserve to win the Ballon d’Or this year?

For his performance this season, yes. Beyond whatever happens in the final, Benzema deserves to win the Ballon d’Or.

Courtois vs Alisson - is this the game to prove yourself as the best goalkeeper?

Both played a key role in allowing their teams to get to the finals. Maybe Courtois was a bit more important than Alisson so far. But both are great goalkeepers, worthy of this final.

Why is Modric so important to Real Madrid?

I've said so before – he's a pivotal player and even more so in finals. His passing is superb. He commits to win. His striking is clean, particularly at mid-distance.

Does Real Madrid’s illustrious history in the Champions League give them the edge over Liverpool?

History does tilt the scales. Madrid proved it, winning their home legs with the Bernabeu being a key factor. But the final is on neutral ground so it may be more balanced.

Where do this Real Madrid team rank in comparison to the teams you have played in/of all time?

Real has had many great teams, and this is no different. Beyond the individual performances of each time, the club itself has a weight of its own. When players understand that, no matter which team you're playing for, the weight of history becomes more present.

Is Ancelotti one of the greatest managers the game has ever seen?

I haven't played under him so I can't speak in-depth on the topic. But seeing his career, how the teams he managed played and how they play now, the achievements he secured on the way – those are the hallmarks of a great manager.

Would you have liked to have played in this Real Madrid team? Did you ever have an opportunity to play for Real Madrid?

I had an amazing career and I played in every team that I wanted to. I'm proud of that. Madrid is a fantastic club, no doubt, one of the best in the world. I played against them many times, both the Madrid derby and the Champions League.

Manchester City

Manchester City have won the Premier League again, do you think this is the best team in Premier League history?

I think the team is making history. In the past 10 years, City has claimed six Premier League titles and that's major. Things are coming together very well across many levels, and when that happens, success is closer to hand.

City beat Liverpool to the title by a single point, where do rank the two clubs amongst the great English rivalries?

With the last four years in mind, it's clearly one of the great rivalries of our time. But context is important – many other teams had excellent campaigns. That's the beauty of the Premier League – it's highly competitive, which contributes to the spectacle.

There are rumours Pep is about to extend his contract, how good is that for City/and bad for Premier League rivals?

It'd be ideal to give the project continuity and build upon the groundwork. City's style is a trademark, and Pep has been key to making it happen.

Erling Haaland has sealed his move, how happy are you with that transfer and how many goals can he score next season? With Haaland signed, can Man City finally win the Champions League next season?

I think it's a great signing. He can contribute towards scoring and that's big. I hope he racks up a ton of goals.

Adapting to the Premier League will take some time for him, but I'm confident he'll be able to do so well. Regarding the Champions League - now that's a huge task. But football is about the team, not the players by themselves. If the whole team works like it has been, the trophy will be more reachable. I think City has grown in experience over the past few years and it's something that can be achieved sooner than later.

Fernandinho and Ilkay Gundogan are confirmed to leave in the summer, just how good have they been for Man City?

Fernandinho was vital for these past few years and deserves all the recognition available. He's a great person and he has contributed to the team in every way possible.

I wish him the best. But Gundo – I'm not totally sure he's going to leave.

He's a really important player and provides major quality to the team, like the Aston Villa game proved.

As far as I know, he's got 1 more year in his contract. I hope he can stay. His contributions truly help the team.

Which current City player do you think could be immortalised with a statue next? Who would you like to see next to you outside the Etihad Stadium one day?

Hopefully many others will be over time. That will mean the club keeps growing and racking up achievements. City and their players are destined to make history.

Italy v Argentina

Italy take on your country Argentina on June 1, who do you think will win that match? How special will the atmosphere be and where does this fixture rank. Will Italy have a point to prove given they missed out on qualification for the 2022 World Cup?

It'll be a nice match. It'll be important for Argentina to prepare for the World Cup. It's always good to face one of the best, and, even if Italy was unable to be in the World Cup, they are a great team. Argentina-Italy will be a very attractive game.

How do you think Messi’s time at PSG has gone? Do you think he might want to leave?

It's still his first year and, having to adapt to a different league, his performance has been very good. Leaving the Champions League aside, they won the league comfortably.

PSG is full of elite players and Leo is a winner. I'm sure his second season will be even better.