Tennis Tips & Predictions: ATP Rio de Janeiro

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ATP Rio is a mark to the clay introduction in 2023 for the bigger tennis population and a large field of players will be taking their talents to Brazil and see if they can make a splash!

This week of tennis has two huge events, one on the hard courts in Doha, and the other in the heart of Brazil on the red clay.

Rio has been home to many historical champions of the tennis sport.

Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, and many others in the past have made it a point to test their talent in this space for years upon years.

Making the trip in the middle of hard-court season can be a tough decision for many, but there are also a ton of pros for traveling.

For many of the players attending, this is an event that has a ton of fan love and great potential to have experience.

A 500 tournament is no joke, and the prize money and ranking points make it worthy for any player willing to make amends. will be giving the best odds on all the tennis events this week, so check out our blog and sportsbook for updates!

Players to Watch For

Carlos Alcaraz - Return to the Mainstage

Spanish youngster and US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz has had a lot to think about during the past few months.

A talent for the ages, Alcaraz favourite surface is the red clay. His game, however, works on all grounds.

Harboring an injury that hampered his abilities for the past few months, Alcaraz looks to return to the action in an important tournament.

One of his youngest and most favourite places to perform, Alcaraz is looking to come back into 2023 with a roar.

His full health status is not quite known yet, but he looks to be in for a good one if he can get off flying.

Alcaraz is by far the biggest talent in the sport, and although he’s had a rough period of play, he’s returning to his familiar territory.

Monitor his gameplay in the first few games, if he looks good, he’s winning it all.

Diego Schwartzmann - Can he Find a Spark?

Argentinian Diego Schwartzman is in serious need of motivation and winning taste.

Diego is known for being one of the most consistent players on the tour, and his play in the past few months has been seriously concerning.

Carrying some serious bad form, there is a road to redemption in the next few weeks.

These tournaments have genuinely been miracles in his career and have been a stark reflection of the ability of Schwartzmann.

Like above in Alcaraz, if he gets to just one win, just one.

He has a chance to go deep.

Dominic Thiem - Prince of Clay Returns

Austrian legend Dominic Thiem has finally gotten a few months of play back under his belt.

After a horror period of play that set him back almost a few hundred places in the ATP rankings, Thiem has a chance to correct his trajectory.

Dominic has won this tournament in the past and is always historically very tough to beat on clay.

Semblance from the past and realizing what it is to play these events will be a great experience for Dominic.

He will be a tough out we believe, and he could get hot fast!