UEFA Champions League 2022 Group Stage: Matchday 4 Preview

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Champions League action is back underway after a tough set of game week matches last week.

There is a sense of urgency with week four, though, and teams will want to create some separation as well as make ends meet for a chance at regaining a spot within the top two of their respective groups.

Group play gives audiences around the world a chance to see the talent that these European teams possess.

On the world football stage there is plenty of media to notice the type of abilities that many of these players reflect on the pitch.

Night in and night out the Champions League has not failed to deliver some quality games for bettors to salivate over.

This week will be no different, and the stakes are elevated in the time being.

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Paris Saint Germain versus Benfica - Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 - Group H

PSG are desperate to extract revenge from a one-point effort last week at the Portuguese Palace in Benfica.

Lionel Messi and his team played a great game but were stymied by the stout defence of the Portuguese side, allowing them to only score one goal in ninety minutes.

The squad hasn’t played up to standard in recent matches and this midweek fixture will be important to pick up on the trot against Benfica.

Sitting in the joint top position with the Portuguese side, this game will make a ton of difference in the grand scheme of things.

Match week four is more than halfway through the group stage portion of the competition and that makes things even more enticing for PSG to go all out this Tuesday.

Benfica are in a great spot for qualification, and the cherry on top would be a huge win at the Parisian stadium this Tuesday.

If they can even get a point in the process, there will be a chance for them to advance at a higher percentage and they know that putting this competition in priority is never going to hurt.

Sitting with a bunch of talent, they have all the tools necessary to dethrone PSG, but the question is if their mind will let them go through. There are so many questions to ask and so little time for Benfica.

Betting Prediction - PSG to win at home and clean things up in a big way, with Benfica succumbing to second.

Barcelona FC versus Inter Milan - Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 - Group C

In another clash between Group C members, Bayern Munich will be taking on Viktoria Plzen to further try and bolster their lead above the rest in their group.

There is a ton of confidence from the German side at the moment and after having a few shaky results in the Bundesliga, they are ready to perform and pick up where they belong.

Plzen will be fighting an uphill battle as the underdogs of the group as a whole and any point taken here will be seen as a win.

They are mostly playing free-flowing football without consequence from this point on, so expect there to be some wacky results when it comes to teams playing against Plzen.

Betting Prediction - The Asian total of over 3.5 goals to hit and the Bayern squad to dominate from the first minute onwards.