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Earn a bonus with our new Affiliate Offer!

For a limited time, Stake Affiliates have an exciting opportunity to earn extra rewards by encouraging their Indian user base to deposit in Crypto!

Here’s how it works:

1. Reach out to your Indian user base and encourage Crypto deposits:

Reach out to your referrals from India and encourage them to deposit in Crypto.

2. Earn your Bonus:

For every referral that makes a deposit in Crypto (equivalent to min. 1,000), you’ll receive a 500 / 6 USD bonus!

For more information on how to deposit in Crypto you can refer to the video below:

Don't miss out on this opportunity and get your referrals to deposit in Crypto today!

الأحكام و الشروط

  • Affiliates need to be existing Affiliates who have Non-Crypto referrals at the start of the promotion (referrals that have at least 1 deposit in INR at the start of the promotion, but no Crypto deposit).
  • Each referral must have been referred via the Affiliates code/link.
  • The deposit must be made in any Crypto currency and must be equivalent to min. ₹1,000. Any deposit lower than ₹1,000 will not be counted.
  • Only referrals that have not had a successful deposit in Crypto but at least one successful deposit in INR at the start of the promotion will be eligible. Referrals that have no deposits yet are excluded from this promotion.
  • This is a promotion for existing users. Referrals need to have a Stake account at the time of the promotion. New users joining after the start of the promotion are excluded from this promotion.
  • Users have to wait up to 72 hours after the end of the promotion period to receive the bonus via email.
  • The Promotion runs from 21/05/24 11:30 AM IST until 04/06/24 10:00 PM IST.