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The Return of the King $7,000 - VIP Forum Challenge

Win the highest multiplier on any 3rd party video slot game except (Tai the Toad - Hacksaw Gaming) that you can.

0.2 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency).

Prizes will be determined by who has a higher multiplier. The highest multiplier will take 1st place and so on.

تفاصيل الجوائز

– 1st place – 2nd Place – 3rd Place – 4th Place – 5th Place – 6th to 10th Place – 11th to 20th Place – 21st Place onward, eligible users will get a share

كيفية الدخول

  • To be eligible, the minimum multiplier must be 100x or above. Features buys are not allowed.
  • Reply to this topic in the forum by posting your valid bet ID.
  • The screenshot is optional.

الأحكام و الشروط

  • You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least the Bronze VIP level).
  • Feel free to edit your posts if you get a higher multiplier, during the week.
  • Bets must have been made after 08/07/24 - (11 am) GMT.
  • You should post your bet within 48 hours after you catch it.
  • The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made.
  • Stake employees can not participate in official forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators.
  • VIP slots challenge only involves 3rd party games.

Rewards are increased up to 100% for verified users!