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Stake Telegram Challenges

Simply join our official Telegram Channel: - Live Challenge and jump into the Challenges room when the daily game starts.

Telegram challenge starting time, prizes, the number of winners, and of course, the current live challenge will stay to be posted on the official Telegram channel.

كيفية الدخول

  • You must complete the live challenge posted on Telegram. Once you have a winning bet ID you then must post it in the challenges chat room on
  • Verified Account gives you more benefits and bigger rewards.

الأحكام و الشروط

  • Minimum bet is 0.1
  • For level two verified users, there will be an additional 100% bonus on their basic reward.
  • If hit double or higher of the required multiplier, there will be a 50% bonus on the reward
  • Bet over $10 worth of crypto in a single winning bet & receive 10x more than the regular prizes!
  • Anyone found to be using multiple accounts will not be eligible for future promotions.
  • Make sure that you are not a winner in previous 2 parts.