Handicaps - A Sports Betting Guide

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There are certain types of bets within the sports betting landscape that are unusually unique, such as handicaps.

Whilst being different in the way that you can bet on teams to get within a certain margin of the favouring team, these bets can also result in a half-win or a half-loss.

These are interesting concepts that we will go through later on. With our sportsbook now live, knowing the ins and outs of markets is going to be key.

Regular handicap markets

Handicap markets basically mean adding or subtracting a value from a team, or the events final score. Some handicap markets level out the odds and add value for a team to win or to lose a match, completely changing the landscape of the way you’re betting on a match-up.

A team may be short odds, and realistically an extremely strong chance of winning the match. A punter may find more value in using the handicap markets for the match, backing them to win over a certain margin in order to get more appealing odds. We will get into some specific examples later on.

Regular handicap markets are normally split into two. Some of them use whole numbers, and the other uses half numbers.

When using whole numbers, there are three outcomes. A win , loss or a push .

In this instance, a push (or a void) means that you get your money back. If in a multi-bet, the leg gets taken out of the bet and the odds are adjusted accordingly.

These types of markets are popular in most sports, but for the sake of this article, let’s use Manchester United vs Liverpool as an example for these handicaps.

If you’ve bet on Manchester United +1, you need to add 1 goal to their final score. If they are winning after that goal is added, your bet wins. However using this example, let’s say outcomes below are taken at exact full time score.

Manchester United +1If Manchester United win or draw, your bet is a winner. If they lose by 1 goal, your bet will be voided (pushed) and you will get your money back. If they lose by 2+ goals, your bet has lost.

Conversely, betting on Liverpool -1 means you need to subtract one goal from their score.

Liverpool -1If Liverpool lose, your bet is a loss. If they win by 1 goal, your bet is voided.If they win by 2+ goals, your bet is a winner.

When half numbers are added to handicap markets, it simply eliminates the possibility of your handicaps resulting in a tie. This means the element of voiding or pushing a bet does not exist. Therefore, there will be two outcomes in this scenario.

Manchester United +1.5If Manchester United lose by 2 or more goals, the bet is a loss. If Manchester United lose by 1 goal, or draw/win, the bet is a winner. Liverpool -1.5If Liverpool win by 2+ goals, the bet is a winner. If Liverpool win by 1 goal, or draw/lose, the bet is a loss.

Asian handicap markets

Asian handicaps are the only handicaps with quarter numbers, and it can be quite confusing. There are four outcomes that can come from these bets: Win, loss, half-win or half-loss. This is very unique in the plethora of sports betting, another reason for making this guide.

Bets can be placed on quarter number such as 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, etc.

Manchester United +1.25If Manchester United win/draw, the bet is a winner. If they lose by 1 goal, half of your bet is a push and the other half is a win. You will receive half your winnings and half stake back. If they lose by 2+ goals, your bet is a loss. Liverpool -1.25If Liverpool lose, the bet is a loss. If they win by 1 goal, half your bet is a push and the other half is a loss. You will receive half stake back, but will lose the other half. If they win by 2+ goals, your bet is a winner.

Handicaps are becoming more and more popular in the betting sphere, giving punters a different value and perspective on each and every match.