NBA Finals - Week 1 Preview

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The NBA finals are finally here, which means there are a final two teams that will be competing for an NBA Championship.

Historically, these two teams have dogged it out and have proven they have enough intangibles to take them to the next level.

Golden State will be representing the West Conference, and the Boston Celtics will be representing the East Coast.

In a battle which figures to be the biggest basketball spectacle of the year, fans are in for an absolute treat in watching the two best teams in the NBA, face off for the crown.

Players on both sides have a spectrum of different experiences, and this series will expose how those experiences translate into winning basketball.

And after going through such a thorough three rounds in their respective conferences, these two teams will have to leave it all out on the court once more. will be the best site for your NBA Finals betting needs, and we will have many cool promos happening!

Team Analysis

Golden State Warriors - Western Conference Winner - Road to Final - Nuggets, Grizzlies, Mavericks

Stephen Curry and the GS Warriors are beyond ecstatic at another appearance in the NBA finals, their 5th in 7 years.

After what seemed to be two years of bad luck, and injury-ridden seasons, the Warriors fans can rejoice after reaching the NBA finals once more.

Going through the season as the third seed in the West, the Warriors didn’t finish the way they wanted to.

Luckily for them, however, a gear turned in the beginning of the NBA Playoffs. Facing a tough Nuggets squad, the Warriors powered through in large part due to the play of young Jordan Poole.

His emergence as a star in this league is now known and will be a center of attention for the defenses to come.

After dispatching of Denver, they headed to Memphis and took the heat towards a bitter rival in Ja Morant and company.

Finally, their four to one trouncing of the Mavericks capped off a Western domination tour, and them towards the NBA Finals.

This team is special, and they have clutch shots and timely stops that make them extremely difficult to protect against.

There’s no better feeling than seeing the deserving teams go all the way, and Steph will feel hard-pressed to find a better opportunity to grab his fourth finals, and first MVP.

Boston Celtics - Eastern Conference Winner - Road to Final - Nets, Bucks, Heat

Jayson Tatum has finally got the monkey off his back, he’s an NBA Finalist.

There is no question how amazing Boston has been this year, but these playoffs have been highlighted by their ability to time in time again, win games.

The road feels like it’s home for Boston, and most of their gritty wins have come in crowd-silencing performances against the best of the best.

The depth on this Celtics team is next to none and provides them with constant lineup rotation that can keep opponents on their feet, while maintaining fresh ability.

Ime Udokah has been a revelation for the Bostonians, and this team looks to be in prime position to contend for a long time.

Athletically and mentally gifted, the Celtics have taken the hardest road to get to the Finals, and they will not be regretting the battle-tests they have received.

Look, there is not much separating these two teams, but the experience of the GS Warriors might impact the young Celtics squad.

Tatum and Brown, however, are finally tasting gold. This will be a dangerous matchup versus GSW and will prove to be tough to beat on the home or road.

Series Analysis - For Games 1 and 2

Boston seems to get away with performing on the road, and their most amazing games have been under the pressure of a hostile home crowd.

This series, however, will feel different.

The Warriors are known for having one of the most electric home crowds, which gets their shooters going crazy when they’re on heaters.

Their defense also takes a notch up, which means tougher shots for the Celtics.

With GP2 possibly being re-evaluated to play in these games, I give the Warriors a good chance of winning both games one and two.

It will come down to who shoots more consistently, and the defensive pressure in the paint.

Those two things, I favor each team respectively, but the gap is closer for defense.

Prediction - GSW Goes up 2-0 in the series.