US Election 2020 Statement

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The results of Biden vs Trump have left sportsbooks in unprecedented waters. Each website is choosing to handle it differently. Biden bettors are eagerly awaiting their payouts. Trump bettors are alleging election fraud.

Our competitors have chosen to either permanently settle Trump as the loser or to freeze user funds indefinitely. Neither of these options sit well with us and will greatly alienate one group of players over another.

We want to do right by all our players. We have chosen to pay out on Biden early while allowing Trump bets to remain unsettled until there is more clarity.

Given that we are taking bets on the result of the election a winning Trump bet will only be possible if certain criteria are satisfied. All of the following would need to occur:

  1. Trump receives 270+ electoral college votes

  2. Biden concedes

If Trump is democratically elected by the people and is recognized as the legitimate president of the USA, then Trump bettors will get paid.

Scenarios where Trump bets will NOT be declared a win:

  • Trump successfully carries out a coup

  • Is voted in by the states

  • Simply refuses to leave the White House in January

  • Any similar contentious outcome

We will do our best to employ logic and reasonability around our outcomes as more information comes into play. We are manually settling early Biden bets now, expect your payout within 48h!