Space Stacks

Push Gaming
Space Stacks Space Stacks
Edge:  3.77%

Jump into your rocket and take off for a whacky casino adventure in outer space.

Space Stacks is a 10x10 slot by Push Gaming that is out of this world – it’s gameplay like you haven’t experienced on earth before, with the unique Reelbets slots mechanic.

Play along to a jaunty electronic soundtrack as you attempt to successfully guess which of the reels will fill up with symbols in this space-themed slot online at Stake Casino .

Space Stacks Slot Gameplay

The Space Stacks slot is not like other slot machine games. There are ten reels in the base game - six of them are where you bet on which reels will fill up with symbols, three represent space-themed bonus features (Astro, Flip, and Apex), while the tenth is a Max Bet feature.

First, you select the size of your bet and then click on the reels you think will fill successfully. The first six reels are Instant Prize reels which are accompanied by the following bet multipliers:

  • 2x

  • 2x

  • 3x

  • 5x

  • 10x

  • 50x

The Max Bet is an instant 5,000x the bet reward if you fill it. The Enchantment feature can boost the values of the bet or apply multipliers that can go as high as 100x.

When you spin, symbols are dropped on the reels in several rounds until one reel or more is filled simultaneously with ten matching bet stacks. If you bet on the winning reel, you have lift off and win a reward.

Symbols & Paytable

The Space Stacks slot doesn’t have traditional slot symbols. Instead, its reels are filled with bet multipliers and bonus features, each with slightly differing RTP figures.

Block Payout RTP
50 50x 96.13%
10 10x 96.22%
5 5x 96.31%
3 3x 96.33%
3 (Purple) 2x 96.35%
2 (Blue) 2x 96.39%
Astro 34.232x 96.19%
Flip 64.143x 96.17%
Apex 299.355x 96.09%
Max 5,000x 96.07%

One thing to keep in mind about the payouts is the following – the payouts of the blocks are minimum payouts, whereas the payouts for the three bonus games are average payouts. The payout for the Max Block is the only featured payout.


The Astro feature is an instant-prize wheel that comes with 32 segments. These segments have bet multipliers, instant prizes and the collect segment. When the wheel lands on the collect segment, players receive their respective rewards, and the bonus feature ends.


Next up, the Flip feature is played on a 6x6 grid, and the prizes are Rocket Symbols or Instant Prizes. Players are given three picks. When an Instant Prize lands, the pick number is reduced by one. When a Rocket Symbol is revealed, the bet multiplier starts at 2x. The rest of the winning multipliers are:

  • 5x

  • 10x

  • 100x

When a Rocket Symbol is unveiled, the number of remaining picks is not reduced.


Apex is accompanied by the Enhancement feature. When Enhancement is finished, symbols start filling up the reels. Several multipliers are available: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 15x, and 20x. When two columns are filled, players activate three lives.

Each time a symbol lands, the number of lives will reset during this mode to 3. If no symbols land, then one life is deducted.

Slot Betting Options, Max Win & RTP

When you play Space Stacks at Stake casino, you can wager Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. The minimum bet for this game is 0.01, and the maximum is 100.00. The RTP varies, as shown on the pay table, and the game has medium volatility. The maximum win is 5,000x the bet.

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  • Step 4 (Optional) - If you need to deposit fiat currency, you can buy crypto for Stake via Moonpay.

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