Tome of Life

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Tome of Life Tome of Life
Edge:  2.16%

Wander through the woods and reveal the secrets of death and life in the immersive world of 'Tome of Life', the enchanting Stake Original slots adventure!

Tome of Life is a 5-reel slots game that takes players into a mesmerising forest environment to match symbols and win big. Featuring 13 symbols, including the WILD and SCATTER symbols, the player aims to line up symbols left to right. Symbols line horizontally and diagonally with 20 pay lines on a 5x3 gameplay grid for players to win a payout.

With a mystical theme, beautiful animations and immersive sound, playing Tome of Life is an engaging slots experience with gameplay that features special gameplay mechanics such as multipliers, bonus rounds, and the bonus buy feature to ensure a fun gaming experience for players.

As a Stake Original game, Tome of Life has provably fair gameplay to provide confidence in players that outcomes are based on fairness and chance for an authentic online gambling experience.

With autobetting options and a low house edge of 2.16%, Tome of Life will be sure to be a favourite of players amongst slot games on the Stake online casino .

How to Play Tome of Life

Tome of Life is a slot game that utilises its 20 pay lines to reward players matching symbols left to right on its 5x3 game grid. Matching 3 or more symbols across the gameplay area is one or more of the pay line combinations that will result in a payout during a round, with some symbols requiring just two matching symbols for a payout.

13 total symbols range from different coloured runes, skull potion, bat mirror, cursed amulet, eye lantern, hand fire and special symbols the Healer (SCATTER) and the Tome of Life (WILD) - all with varying payouts depending on the number of matching symbols. All winnings are based on the Pay Table and can be accessed during gameplay via the 'Game Info' menu in the 'Pay Table' tab.

Amongst the symbols is the Tome of Life symbol which behaves as the WILD symbol and substitutes any symbol in the pay line except SCATTER. If multiple WILD symbols are in a winning pay line, only the highest multiplier is paid. If multipliers are equal, only one prize is paid. Combinations where WILD symbols are used as another symbol pay double, ensuring exciting action during game rounds.

The SCATTER symbol is the Healer, the being that holds the power of the Tome of Life. She is the mother of the dead and alive, guiding the spirits of all creatures in the forest. SCATTER symbols trigger bonus rounds and multipliers, adding an extra dimension to gameplay.

Bonus buys trigger bonus rounds with free spins where all wins during the bonus rounds are tripled, except when 5 WILD symbols are spun. Bonus rounds are capped at 180 free spins with the Bonus Buy price set to 37x the base bet amount with the potential for big multipliers and big payouts!

Players can set the Bet Amount, Number of Lines, and Bet Amount per Line during a round, with the option to Buy Bonus. Auto Betting is available with options for setting the Number of Bets, modifying bet amounts based on Win or Loss as well as Stop on Profit and Stop on Loss for complete bankroll management for strategic slots players.

With game rules, pay lines and the pay table available at all times on the game information screen as well as hotkey support, Tome of Life is a simple the learn slots game with a variety of gameplay options.

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