NHL 2022/23 Season Preview

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The long-awaited NHL Season makes its return for all fans and bettors alike, this October 7th.

Last year’s campaign was filled with tons of drama filled moments and games that had people on the edge of their seats.

Objectively, the NHL playoffs provided some of the best entertainment in the sporting world, with the Colorado Avalanche coming out on top of the pack.

The 2022-2023 season figures to be just as entertaining if not even more so, with the top dogs returning in full force and the teams surrounding them making every effort to surpass.

With how competitive the league is, the NHL will feature some great regular season matchups each night to keep fans glued to their screens, and make the playoffs hunt more enjoyable as well.

A ton of motivation to boot in this past off-season, all thirty plus NHL teams will be wanting to stake their claim into a brand-new season with playoff / Stanley Cup hopes.

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Let’s look at the possible outright winners of the NHL this time around!

Outright Predictions

Repeat Champions? - Colorado Avalanche

After a fairy-tale season with an immaculate ending for the boys from Denver, the Colorado Avalanche look to repeat and build upon what could be a potential dynasty.

Housing some of the most in-form and talented players in the whole league, there is no reason to back the Avalanche to repeat in the same position of last season.

Dynamic attacking play is the name of the game for this squad and with healthy off-season work and improvements on the defensive end, there is nothing to stop the Avalanche.

Although the road to the Stanley Cup was not easy, Colorado dug deep and found a way to neutralize their opponents throughout the playoffs and reflected their dominant regular season showing with even more winning.

They are by far the most likely team to win the Stanley Cup this year and we look forward to their action-packed games from day one!

Heartbreak of the Northeast - Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs fans have to be one of the most emotional fanbases of the past decade within any sport.

Maple Leaf nation knows how good their team is and they are always stacked to the brim with talent, year in and year out.

Without knowing how the season will end come playoff time, the brutality of their exits has shocked the hockey world and disappointed fans across the world.

They have all the talent in the world and the ability to beat the big teams in the NHL, but come crunch time, there isn’t much to be said at the current moment.

Look for the Maple Leafs to come up strong at the start of this regular season and put away the demons of the past.

Can the Veterans Rebound? - Tampa Bay Lightning

After a devastating loss to the Colorado Avalanche in the third straight finals for the Lightning , veteran players must be wondering if they can make it all happen once again.

What was a hopeful three-peat turned into almost-reality, the team from Tampa have more than enough experience and knowledge to get through most situations the NHL throws at them.

After all, winning two Stanley Cups in three years is an impressive feat. However, many will question whether the old guard will still be able to keep up.

Younger talent is being injected into the league and time will run its due course very soon.

For stars like Kucherov and Vasilevsky, there is going to be a limit set and it is all up to the franchise to see if they can make dreams become a reality once more in 2022-2023.


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