NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 19

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The NHL is back from the all-star break, which saw many of the world’s top players facing each other in a friendly exhibition.

Gearing up for a huge next few month, the playoffs are not too far away.

There is certainly room for improvement for all thirty teams in the league, which means all of these upcoming games will be important.

This week will be crucial for both top and bottom teams, as a full win in regulation is all most teams would wish for at the moment.

Very competitive in all aspects this year, the NHL has seen a stark increase in goals per game but decrease in the number of confident keepers and defenders.

Ensuring the best players on your team are healthy is important for the rest of the season, and there may not be a period for slowing down either.

Coaches will have to manage their rosters effectively and show why they deserve a spot in the Stanley Cup race.

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Tampa Bay Lightning versus Colorado Avalanche - Tuesday, February 14th

A rematch of last year’s Stanley Cup final will be taking place this Tuesday in the Colorado landscape.

Tampa Bay has done well in the past few weeks and are now on a nice run of form that sees them coming back into their Championship winning selves.

The two-time Champions, going back-to-back just a few years ago, are still one of the deeper squads in the NHL.

Age has been a concern, and any TB fan would tell you that some new talent is needed to make some noise.

Although the circumstances aren’t perfect for the Lightning, they are more than ready to take on the Avalanche and possibly give them a run for their money like last season.

It will be tough, but if Vasilevsky is able to be the showstopper he is, it can get out of hand.

The Colorado Avalanche are the reigning, defending NHL Stanley Cup champs and they are more than equipped to do the same this year.

Again and again, the Avalanche find themselves in scenarios of low percentage win chance, but time and time they make it work.

The offense is truly electric and one of the best the NHL has ever seen, with prolific players coming off the bench and also within the starting line-up.

There is always a special aura around these Colorado players, and they will be keen to take it to the Lightning.

Betting Prediction - Avalanche ML and their win on the 1x2 line to go through in this match!

Montreal Canadiens versus Toronto Maple Leafs - Saturday, February 18th

An all-Canadian battle will be taking place this weekend, and both fan bases are passionate about their chances in this one.

Although Montreal hasn’t played to the best of its historical organization, they have been able to put up a great fight against most teams in the league.

Rearranging their standard, the Toronto Maple Leafs need to come up huge in a big spot this upcoming Saturday.

Both teams will want to push the pace and play little to no defence, so we can definitely see a cracker of a match!

Prediction - Take the over 6.5 on total goals, or whatever line they are offering you!