Sergio Aguero: End of Season Awards

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The curtain is coming down on domestic affairs around Europe so we caught up with our Global Football Ambassador Sergio Agüero to discuss Manchester City’s Premier League triumph, their treble chances and he gave us a rundown of his season awards!

Another Premier League title for Manchester City, how much do their title rivals need to do to catch them next season? At this stage who do you think will challenge them next season?

A new title and well deserved.

It was a different start due to the fact that the World Cup was played and that influenced the fact that in that first part of the season the performance was not optimal.

However, they were able to resume their path and the final sprint was magnificent, as City has accustomed us to.

I said it before; this team always fights until the end, and it was demonstrated once again by getting past Arsenal who had achieved a considerable advantage.

On this basis, and with this recent history, City will continue to be a candidate next season.

It has been shown that it is the best team in the Premier League, with a very clear style of play, which has won three consecutive titles, something difficult to achieve.

Why not think then that you can get another? Surely, as he does every season, Pep will continue to make the adjustments he deems necessary to remain competitive.

But this is the Premier League and it is football, there will be several teams that try to dethrone them.

I think that Arsenal has established a very important base of young players with a long way to go.

Arteta will try to reinforce his lines and will be one of the rivals to beat.

We must not forget about United, who have returned to their competitive spirit and will be one of those who most want to defeat City.

Arguably this is the best form City have ever been in, having won twelve matches in a row during the home stretch, what do you think they will do to improve even further next season?

This team is constantly evolving and always for the better.

That excellent state of form has been a constant in recent years.

The team does not relax, it is still hungry for glory and the signings have quickly made that commitment. I think that's one of the keys.

A team with a very well-oiled operation that manages to get great players to join almost immediately and give very good results.

Grealish has shown it, in a year he became a key player; Haaland breaking the record for goals in his first season in the Premier League, Julián Álvarez with a great first year with no previous experience in Europe and Akanji who performed as he would always have played in England.

If we add to that the great performance of Kevin, Gundo, Bernardo, Rodri, Mahrez, Foden and all the boys, we find ourselves with a very rich squad that always manages to play the same and at a high level.

Where is the weakness, if any?

There always are. But it is difficult to find any that are worrisome.

One could be that it is always with many competitions in parallel.

But nevertheless, even with that situation, they always show their face.

Let's look at what is happening this season with the Premier League title and two finals ahead: The Champions League and the FA Cup.

If City can complete this treble, does that make them the greatest Premier League side in history?

I try not to imagine too much although it would be great. I prefer to wait for the results.

But if achieved, it would be a very relevant treble because it would include the Champions League.

It will surely go down in history as was the 2019 team that won all three domestic competitions: Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup. An unforgettable treble that is also in history.

Where does this Manchester City team compare to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona treble-winners of 2009 with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and co?

It is not comparable because the times are different and the leagues too.

But they are surely teams that left and leave their mark and that have their place in history.

The one from Barca with a midfield that is one of the best of all time, with Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta and, fundamentally, due to the presence of Messi, which makes it unrepeatable.

City for their perseverance, for having managed to be dominant in the most competitive league in the world and staying at the top for many consecutive years, something very difficult to achieve.

What about Sir Alex Ferguson’s treble-winners of 1999, would Guardiola’s side be clear of them if they can beat Manchester United and Inter?

I insist that it is difficult to compare times, they are different and with a different style of games.

That was a great team that achieved very important things and has all that recognition.

Premier League - End of Season Awards

Player of the Season: Haaland. I think Kevin (de Bruyne) also deserves to be in that place. But for being his first season in the Premier League and having managed to break the goal record, something very difficult to achieve, I think Erling deserves that recognition.

Manager of the Season: Pep Guardiola. For obvious reasons. He proved once again to be the best.

Young Player of the Season: Julian Alvarez. There are several that could also be - I really liked Saka's season, but I choose Julián. It is not easy to reach the Premier League directly from South America, with no experience in Europe, join the team and be decisive every time he has to play.

Signing of the Season: Haaland again, for what I commented before. He made a big difference in relation to other signings.

Favourite Game: There were several. But I prefer City’s 4-1 win against Arsenal at the Etihad. City played a great game and won a duel that was decisive in finally winning the title.

Best XI of the Season: Ederson, Robertson, Stones, Lisandro Martínez, Zinchenko; Rodri, Gundogan, De Bruyne, Odegaard, Bernardo, Haaland

La Liga - End of Season Awards

Player of the Season: I could talk about Vinicius Jr, who had an impressive year. But I stay with Busquets. In his last season at Barca he did a great season. He represented Barca's style at its best and was the one who gave the team the balance it needed to win the title.

Manager of the Season: Xavi, because he managed to get Barca back to the fore, with a well-deserved League title and by a wide difference.

Young Player of the Season: Vinicius, without a doubt. It was decisive. His dribbles are indecipherable, and he gave Real Madrid the quota of goals, assists and aggressiveness that the team needed.

Flop of the Season: Valencia and Sevilla, two greats who don't deserve to go through what they went through this season.

Favourite Moment: When Barcelona won the League.

Best XI of the Season: Ter Stegen, Balde, Araujo, Militao, Molina, Modric, Busquets, David Silva, Vinicius Jr, Lewandowski, Griezmann