Stake and the Blockchain

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As many of you know, joining Stake can be a quite a complicated process. This article will simplify everything so anyone who wants to join will have no problem whatsoever. Before joining, we believe it is very important to describe Stake and the blockchain by using an elevator pitch.

Elevator Pitch for Stake is the one of the largest casinos in the world which is based in Curacao. With thousands of different slot machines and every table game known to mankind , rewards this their loyal players with VIP bonuses that start when a player hits Bronze. On top of that, the sportsbook on is one of a kind with multiple in-play markets on any sport imaginable, including Esports . Due to the fact that does not accept fiat currency, the deposits and withdrawals are lightning quick when using Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple , Litecoin and a few other cryptocurrency coins .

For more information on how the VIP system works, read our article from a few weeks ago and get yourself up to speed!

Elevator Pitch for Blockchain

The blockchain is simply a trustless, 100 percent transparent, open ledger that is available for anyone. It is tamper proof so it is impossible to have a blockchain that has no security flaws. Some blockchains are private while others are public. The Bitcoin blockchain is POW which is Proof of Work. This means that the computers are running and solving extremely hard algorithms to mine new coin. Proof of Stake (POS) on the other hand allows users to hold a certain number of coins to help governed the community. I like to think of the blockchain as the eye in the sky in the casino which doesn’t miss anything!

Now that we understand and the blockchain, let’s create an account!

Step 1

Sign up via e-mail . This is simply the easiest sign up process as all you need is a valid e-mail address. Simply type your username, password and e-mail and hit join. You will get a confirmation e-mail and then you can start playing as your leisure!

Step 2

Protect your account with Google Authenticator. Before you jump in and make your first deposit, we highly suggest you download Google Authenticator on your smart phone and link it with your Stake account. This extra layer of security is crucial when protecting your account. Each time you sign in or try to withdraw funds, will ask for that 6-digit code to ensure that your account isn’t compromised. It’s always very important to take extra steps of caution when dealing with crypto currency.

Step 3

Setting up a middle wallet. Setting up a middle wallet is very necessary for the safety of your account. Most people that use cryptocurrency have a Coinbase, Gemini, Bithumb or another big exchange they use to buy bitcoin. We recommend using Trust Wallet as a middle wallet as it’s one of the safest and easiest “hot” wallets to use. When setting up your Trust Wallet, remember to store your 12-digit code somewhere extremely safe. These are your private keys so its’ extremely important you don’t lose them. When it is time to deposit into Stake, simply follow the chain of command. Your Exchange => Trust Wallet => When it is time to test the lightning speed of withdrawals, simply do the opposite. Withdraw from => Trust Wallet => Your exchange so you can cash out the coin into Fiat currency. We always recommend using Ethereum as the transaction speeds are faster and the fees are much lower than bitcoin!

Step 4

Time to play – offers thousands of different games in the casino . Personally, I always like to play the Stake Original games but the slots, live baccarat , live blackjack , Mega Ball and a whole other heap of games have caught my attention over the last few months. Remember, offers a very lucrative bonus structure when you reach bronze. These bonuses include rake back (percentage of table games), daily reload, and a weekly reload. On top of that, once you hit Platinum 1 the bonuses go into overdrive! In a nutshell, the more you roll-over your bitcoin, the faster the progress goes to achieving the next tier.


Once you get over the initial hurdle of acquiring bitcoin or Ethereum, then the rest is history. With instant deposits/withdrawals and exceptional VIP staff, will you be your favorite website to play on! Personally, I use Ethereum over bitcoin due to the lack of network congestion and fees. Nonetheless, get ready for the ultimate gaming experience of your life once you finally leave your old sportsbook and jump into the hottest site on the internet!