interview with Brazilian UFC legend Jose Aldo

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Luis Coutinho from Canal Encarada interviewed the King of Rio, MMA Legend and Stake ambassador Jose Aldo.

Coutinho kicked off the interview by asking Aldo his thoughts on the UFC recently announcing the return of the championship to Rio in January 2023.

The UFC is returning to Brazil after three years and Jose Aldo has headlined many cards there.

Aldo said he was woken up by texts from his friends asking if he was going to fight and win the championship in Brazil. He is excited for Brazilian fighters and fans who are UFC enthusiasts.

He mentioned he’s headlined two UFC events in Brazil around that date and he’s happy for it. He also looks forward to the opportunity to fight in Brazil again.

Coutinho voiced the people’s dream of Aldo getting past Merab and challenging the bantamweight title in Rio and asked if he had set the same expectations for himself.

Aldo, did agree that it did cross his mind but he also constantly reminds himself to take it one step at a time. He first wants to win his fight against Merab on Saturday and take things from there.

With Merab Dvalishvili ranked behind Jose Aldo, it took many people by surprise when Aldo’s UFC 278 fight card scheduled for this Saturday was against Merab Dvalishvili.

Considering he should be fighting for the belt already, Coutinho asked Aldo, if the card made sense to him or if he accepted the fight just to stay active.

To which Aldo responded that its every UFC fighter’s dream to go straight for the belt.

However, they saw an opportunity with Dillashaw, even though he stayed out for two years and booked it.

Aldo expressed how important it was for him to stay in the game, remain active and keep testing himself. He understands that those who want to be champions cannot choose their opponents.

The deal is to get in there and win a fight no matter who’s standing against you.

Coutinho went on to ask if him and Dede Pederneias ,Aldo’s head coach, have been studying Merab’s fights in preparations for Saturday.

Aldo instantly responds that he always studied him and since he was once in the featherweight division, it was nothing he was unfamiliar however, with that being said he greatly admires the strength and power Merab uses to close in.

On closer analysis, Jose admits that it’s his technique that gives him the upper hand. It was obvious that with experience comes confident and that spoke for itself, when it comes to the king of Rio.

He believed he is in his prime again. Concentrating on improving his speed and strength, his training camp at the Navy has helped renew and reinvent himself.

Coutinho and Aldo went on to discuss how his new diet and nutrition has impacted his mindset and particularly his transition from the featherweight to bantamweight division.

Aldo shared that he has no regrets from the past although he did feel like the path to weight cutting could have been easier. He believed he had suffered too much at the featherweight division.

He recalled times where a week before fight weekends, he was at all-you-can-eat restaurants. Looking back, he appreciates how he’s allowed himself to live and learn.

Those learning have brought him to a new phase where he understands greatly appreciates speed and power.

Now, he’s extremely careful, everything is planned well in advance and he’s on a ketogenic diet a week before fight weekends.

With regards to Sterling-Dillashaw fight card, Aldo said if he could place a bet on and his money would be on Sterling.

Outside Octagon talk, the MMA Legend went on to say he loves all-things-sports.

He particularly enjoys soccer and follows the sport closely but even more so his favourite club, Flamengo.

Since he follows the sports so closely, he confessed that at times he enjoys it more that fighting.