Tennis Tips and Predictions – Australian Open 2022 Women’s Final Preview

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The Women’s Australian Open final is set to begin, and after two long hard-fought weeks, the stage is set for the best women’s tennis competitors in the world. Fans have had immense pleasure watching the past two weeks and matches go by, but now it is time to crown a victor. The hometown Aussie fans will be reeling to get into the action, as their national treasure Ashleigh Barty is back in the finals of her hometown slam. The world #1 is destined for greatness, but there is one woman trying to impede her way. Danielle Collins will be clashing against one of the titans of the sport, however, can she actually pull it off? The question remains to be answered…


Ashleigh Barty is the world #1, the world’s best women’s tennis player, and for good reason. The slicing Australian has proved that her game and mental fortitude has translated well from cricket, and now she reigns on the tennis world with dominance. The weapons in her game are subtle yet so sweet. The biggest factor that remains in her game is the slice backhand. This slice is different from all slices on the WTA tour because of how neutral it can become, killing the ball without any pace whatsoever. Barty has an ability to use this slice whenever she is down in a rally, or wanting to get ahead in the rally. Not many players have been able to adjust to beat this backhand slice, and many are still very perplexed by how effective it is. If Barty can stay strong on her serve, utilize those forehand rallies set up by the slice, it might be over for the hope from the USA.

Danielle Collins is red-lining this tournament, and it’s hard to argue that her spot in the top ten is not justified at this point. With an insane journey up to this point, Collins has demolished opponents in her wake, even if it has come to deciding sets. With a baseline game that promotes flat hitting of the ball, there is only so much you can do to combat natural power. Although Collins does not have a coach at the moment, the American will stand firm in confidence after such a great showing these past few matches. She is by all means the underdog, but she is live in every way possible. Collins will need to keep her emotions in check, and realize that this is a marathon not a sprint against Barty. If she does, she might have a chance at a huge upset here.


Barty is just too dang good. The slice backhand is something of beauty and elegance, even Federer would be proud. Take Barty -1.5 sets, as she lifts the trophy in front of her home crowd!!

Selection:  Barty -1.5 sets