Tennis Tips & Predictions: French Open May 30

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The French Open is back to bet on , known as one of the best tournaments of the tennis season and one of the four grand slams.

We have some great round one matchups in both men’s and women’s draws, both of which will be crucial to lock down and take a look at for your betting desires!

This year’s French looks to be particularly wide open as the reigning King of the tournament, Rafael Nadal, takes a back seat to recover from injury.

Clay is always a tricky surface for many of the players on tour, as the bounces are not consistent and there needs to be a strategy for every game.

Big serving players still do well here, but there is not as big an advantage to having a “powerful” game like there is on hard or grass.

Regardless of these conditions, the players will be pouring out their heart and soul for every point played in Paris these next two weeks, and only one will be crowned deserving Champion.

Let’s get into the matchups on for R1!

Match Betting Previews

Tommy Paul versus Dominic Stricker

Tommy Paul is looking to capitalize on a fairly open quarter for him, and there is ample opportunity for the American to make noise in a tournament he won as a junior.

Although his clay results have not been encouraging as of late, he still has a great track record career-wise on the surface and he will more than likely be happy with the draw he’s been given.

Paul cracked the top twenty earlier on this season with some great results on the bigger tournaments of the year, mainly the USO.

His play is spectacular and relies on his rampant athleticism, which has been a highlight for all involved in the tennis world.

He will be looking to end the party of Dominic Stricker, who is one of the best upcoming talents in the world.

The swiss youngster is now gaining more and more experience on the tour, and his play is huge compared to most others.

Dominic Stricker would much rather prefer an indoor court with fast conditions, but the French Open will test his ability to navigate tough scenarios.

Stricker plays a plus one game with a huge backhand and forehand along with a towering serve.

For his height, he has a game that can truly be unbeatable in the future, but he needs to become more consistent.

Unforced errors are his main problem, but if he can limit those, he is in business.

Betting Prediction - Stricker to take a set, but Tommy Paul wins the overall match.

Gael Monfils versus Sebastian Baez

Gael Monfils is looking to possibly turn down the clock on his illustrious career, and step one is to take the courts in Paris once again.

A place which is so loved by his French fans, Monfils has a seriously tough draw in round one versus Sebastian Baez.

There will be battles in rallies, and if Monfils can hold up for at least three sets he may get an energy boost from the crowd.

He has dealt with huge injury issues in the past couple of years, so expect him to try and saddle up and take it on the chin in Paris.

Betting Prediction - Over total games played in this match.