UEFA Champions League 2022: Quarter Finals Leg Two

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The UEFA Champions League matches are set to go into leg two of their QF ties, and we couldn’t be more excited here at Stake.com!

As we offer you the best promotions for European football and markets in the game, the season drags on further and further.

The first week and leg one of matches were absolutely exquisite and the second leg should be no different.

All four teams in the competition will be facing some deficits and there will be a huge emphasis on how they react / bounce back in leg two.

Regardless of what they say about their chances, the Champions League leg two is always known for a great match and possible comeback.

Opportunities will be there for these home sides to take advantage of the environment, but those with leads will also be playing with caution.

Without a doubt, there will be risks taken and goal scoring opportunities created, but how they are able to control the match to their tempo, whether it’s upbeat or downbeat will be key to watch.

This week will be the last for four teams, and the start of something exceptional for the other four.

Let’s take a look at some of this week’s matches on Stake.com!

Napoli versus AC Milan - Tuesday, April 18th - Agg. 0 - 1

Napoli versus AC Milan is a match that has spanned Italian fans’ hearts for decades upon decades.

This year, they have met up in the UCL QF, something that you couldn’t have written a better script for.

Napoli is currently in a bit of a downtrend in form, and the Serie A Champions need their star striker Victor Osimhen back.

Napoli plays liquid football, and they pass the ball effectively from position to position, without worrying about the consequences.

They are fully able to take risks in the midfield and attack, and clearly have a great knowledge about their abilities on the pitch.

They will be looking to turn back the clock and revitalize some of that midseason form that got them into this position in the first place.

If they are able to calm down and play their game, it could be a comeback win in Naples.

AC Milan and Rafael Leao are looking at a one goal lead, and potential spot in the UCL Semi Finals.

The red and black are getting through each game with gritty defending and tough finishing.

Opportunistic in every sense of the word, Milan is looking to capitalize and what should’ve been a first leg to Napoli.

This game will be tough for them as they will more than likely be on the backfoot in all positions.

Betting Prediction - Napoli ML and over 2.5 goals scored.

Inter versus Benfica - Wednesday, April 19th - Agg. 2 – 0

Inter is heading into this match with one leg already in the Semifinals.

The side from Milan is happy to be in this position after a gutsy performance in Benfica that saw them take away a two to nothing goal lead after the first match.

They are going to be on a great road to clutch this tie, but they have to be careful of Benfica’s counter-attacking capabilities.

The side from Portugal have nothing to lose and will go all out in this last leg, possibly making some spicy entertainment at the end of it all.

Betting Prediction - Benfica + .5 and the over on goals.