UEFA Champions League 2022: Round of 16 Leg One

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The UEFA Champions League is finally back for the world’s viewing pleasure and there is nothing more exciting than seeing the best teams in the world go at one another for a chance at the gold!

Champions League and European football in general was on a stark hiatus because of the World Cup and other factors.

Generally, the scheduling has been brutal in the first part of the 2023-2024 season, and there are not really any breaks in sight.

Anything that you could have imagined in terms of storylines are here, and the drama between the round of sixteen matchups will be something to behold.

Managers will have to reach deep into their bag of tricks for this one, as there is nothing to prevent them now at this stage.

The news of many different players and clubs making moves in the past few months is long gone, and these rosters are set for the time being.

Let’s check out some of the best matchups to bet on this week, and don’t forget to check out our prop markets and their potentials!

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Bayern Munich versus PSG - Tuesday, February 14th

Bayern Munich and their shaky form was put to an end last week against Bochum.

They will be keen to go into Paris this upcoming Tuesday and put a great performance up for the ages.

Bayern has traditionally created many chances in the Champions League and has a team capable of going very far.

There is no doubting the talent on this team currently, both young and old, but there is no clear poacher or star finisher to make things right in the final third.

Missing their Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski, Bayern must operate through these next few weeks with caution and confidence.

They clearly can get into tight spaces and cause defences to bleed, but will they be able to defend and finish their chances?

This game will be a great indicator of what’s to come.

PSG is in need of some inspiration after a few games of tired legs and clearly unmotivated football.

Ligue 1 isn’t exactly the best league to test your determination week in and week out, especially with large leads on points.

Their lead in the Ligue 1 has been deteriorating, however.

The injury status surrounding the front three stars is a key thing to monitor throughout this first leg, as we don’t necessarily know their availability.

If they are ready to go, though, we could see a two-leg matchup for the ages.

Betting Prediction - Bayern Munich Draw No Bet at 1.80x odds. They at worst will pull off a draw here.

Chelsea versus Dortmund - Wednesday, February 15th

Chelsea and Dortmund will be going on a quest to reinvigorate their seasonal triumphs.

Chelsea is a squad with loads of talent at this point, but do not know how to proceed with the offerings.

Enzo Fernandez and Mykhailo Mudryk were their top two transfers, and there is a ton of hype around their presence.

On the flip side, Dortmund isn’t doing as well as they’d hoped in the Bundesliga but have played good enough within the CL to make a round of sixteen.

Jude Bellingham and company need this tie to be a great one in order to send their season into the stratosphere.

Betting Prediction - Chelsea to surprise the lot and create a winning opportunity at Stamford Bridge!