How to Bet on Harness Racing

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How to Bet on Harness Racing Online - Wagering Guide & Strategy

Harness racing has its own set of rules and traditions, but it provides the same thrills and drama that you would expect from greyhound racing and horse racing here at Stake Sportsbook.

The harness racing industry continues to go from strength to strength, with the UK being one of the countries harness racing has managed to win the hearts and minds of the general public, and there are plenty of harness racing tracks.

In this guide, we will put you in the picture when it comes to harness racing, including how to bet on the sport, provide a short glossary of key terms, and show you how to make deposits and withdrawals at

Harness Racing Rules Explained

To the outsider, harness racing may look rather unusual, but as you will see later on, it incorporates the same types of wagers, including exotic wagers that will be found while betting on horse racing .

Anyway, in horse trotting betting, if a trotting horse breaks his stride, then they may be disqualified. The trotting horse must move its legs in diagonal pairs, meaning that as the left leg moves forward, so should the right hind leg, hitting the ground at the same time.

The possibility of disqualification is a tangible one, and as such, this translates to the sport being a psychological discipline as much as one of endurance.

In the following sections, we will delve a bit more into the psyche of betting on trotting, and underline some key terms.

How to Bet on Harness Racing on Stake

The premise of betting on a harness race is the same as wagering on all other sports .

There will be a variety of betting options and markets to pick from at Stake, and players will need to input the odds using the automated betting slip, and then state how much they wish to bet before confirming their stake.

To bet on harness racing, you will need to create an account with Stake. You should follow the sign-up prompts and the homepage will make this process as seamless as possible. You will come across a post time just before the race is run as well as a post position, and there will be a plethora of harness racing opportunities for bettors to explore.

Of course, if you encounter any problems, then you can get in touch with Stake’s dedicated customer support team who will be on hand to help.

Harness Betting Glossary & Key Terms

Harness racing has its own lingo and dialogue, and we have highlighted some of the key horse racing betting terms you may come across:

  • Break - This means to gallop, and to break from the correct gait a horse should be in.

  • Entire - A male horse over the age of 3 that has not been gelded.

  • Free-for-all - A type of race that allows horses of all grades to compete off the same handicap market.

  • Grand Circuit - Specified Group I races held in Australia and New Zealand for pacers and trotters.

  • Off Side - The right side of the horse.

  • Trail - The racing position directly behind the leader.

What are Gaits?

Gaits refer to the running style of horses, and the distinction will be made over the way the horses will move their legs.

Some will either be pacers or trotters, and they will run in a certain manner. We have fleshed out some more details on these terms in the forthcoming sections.

What is a Trotter?

A trotting horse will move its legs in diagonal pairs, meaning that the left leg needs to move forward as would the right hind leg at the same time.

What is a Pacer?

A pacer, on the other hand, will perhaps be more elegant on race tracks. Both their forelegs will move in unison with their hind legs on the same side, and most pacers will wear hopples. These are loops that are attached to the horse that are designed to guide them.

Popular Types of Wagers

It’s now time to devote some attention to the harness racing market, and explore some of the more popular types of wagers, so let’s see what they entail.


Deriving from the Frenchman, Pierre Oller, the term translates as “among ourselves”. The track therefore acts as an agent to handle wagers as opposed to caring about which horse wins or loses.

It is one of those bet types that has come into general circulation over recent years, especially at land-based locations that have an online arm to their operation.


It’s best to frame this as moneyline betting . Essentially, you just have to predict which horse will win the race, and when it comes to the favorite harness racing pick, the odds tend to be quite short.


With this wager, you will get a return on your wager if you bet on the horse that finishes first, second, or third, and this is common for other sports such as horse racing.


To be successful with this type of bet, you have to select the first two finishers of a race in the exact order.

Place Insurance

Operating in a similar to each-way, place insurance allows you to only get your stake back if your pick places second or third in return for higher odds. This is one of the perks associated with harness racing rewards.

Major Harness Racing Events

Below, we have listed some of the biggest harness racing events for your reference:

  • Pegasus World Cup

  • The Hambletonian

  • The Elitloppet

  • The Prix d’Amerique

You can bet on tomorrow's harness races and all upcoming events on Stake Sportsbook.

Harness Racing Odds & Payouts Explained

When it comes to sports betting , you need to have an idea of how the odds work. The same principle applies to harness racing.

Usually, most sportsbooks, including Stake, will plug odds in a variety of formats, including American, decimal, or fractional.

You will usually see a number assigned to a particular horse for a race. So, for example, betting a certain amount on a horse with 6/1 odds will result in a total return of seven times the original wager, which will include the initial amount wagered.

Tips for Betting on Harness Racing

To master harness racing betting, you should take advantage of our tried and trusted methods to improve:

  • Watch harness racing - Live and breathe the sport! This should revolve around watching consecutive races and even race replays, so you get a feel for the sport and look out for any prevailing patterns or trends.

  • Keep a detailed record of bets - Those who are agile and adaptable will excel with harness racing. Keep a record of all bets, and if things aren’t working, don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.

  • Tap into live betting markets - Live betting is inherently exciting, and odds will fluctuate to reflect the action on the track. With live betting, you will be thrust into the heart of things, so get involved!

  • Manage your bankroll effectively - Making deposits and withdrawals is simple at, but to get a handle on things, only bet what you can afford to wager. At Stake, we always promote responsible gambling .

How to Withdraw & Deposit Funds to Wager on Harness Racing

The best way to fund your account at is to make an instant deposit, and below, we have outlined the steps.

Step 1 - Retrieve your deposit address which will be located in Wallet > Deposit.

Step 2 - Choose the method that suits you. Stake supports scores of local currencies and crypto . If you are a VIP member you get access to Stake’s exclusive benefits and rewards , including tailored promotions and a dedicated VIP Host .

Step 3 - Use your deposit address as the ‘send to’ location for your wallet or exchange.

How to Live Stream Harness Racing & Placing Live Bets

Stake keeps abreast of all the biggest sports and sports betting events through its dedicated live stream. As long as you have a registered account, you can tune into the coverage and follow the action as it unfolds.

Meanwhile, all in-play betting markets will have “Live Events” denoted to reflect when races are in play, and you can jump on board to see the prices fluctuate in real time.

Why Should You Bet on Harness Racing at has become a trusted site for harness racing fans. Aside from posting unbeatable odds on all of the biggest races in the calendar, you will find a swathe of promotions and monthly bonuses to make your money go further.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our useful tools relating to depositing and withdrawing over on our blog , and tips to gamble responsibly . Remember, when the fun stops, stop!