How to Play Plinko on Stake

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Plinko is a game that’s been around for many generations in one form or another. This came mainly as a novel carnival game and made popular by TV game shows.

None could have predicted how much popularity this game would have received within the online gambling community. Especially once Stake got their hands on it.

Plinko has now become front and center at various crypto casinos . Stake’s original version being the industry standard in both smooth gameplay and monumental win potential with a max payout of 1000x.

Plinko Basics

Although many have the notion that Plinko is a mindless game where you just click a button and hope for the best, this is hardly the case. Plinko is all about bankroll control and surviving the lows until variance turns in your favour. Then, you to hit max payout on the settings you’ve selected to play with.

Essentially you drop a ball and it bounces on pins until it ultimately falls into one of the rows below. However based on the settings you choose the outcomes can vary significantly. In terms of settings, there are three settings which are crucial to this game. Risk Level, Number of Rows/Pins and bet amount.

Firstly, risk level should be selected based on your personal profit goals. The options to choose from are low, medium and high risk. This is just like most other games at Stake which offer risk level selection. Lower settings have lower max payout potential but are compensated with less loss potential through having fewer rows with loss multipliers (multipliers less than 1x).

The higher risk settings you choose, the higher the max profit potentials by hitting the furthest row to the left or right. However, coming along with this is more loss multipliers towards the middle rows. If you are looking to drop less balls it may be better to select a low or medium setting.

Conversely, if you are looking to drop more balls in search of a higher payout the high risk setting may be a better option for you.

Basics Continued

Once you’ve selected your risk setting, the next option to set is the number of pins with the lowest being 8 and the max being 16. The risk setting and the number of pins are directly correlated to one other. Depending on which you select for each the payouts for the rows below will change accordingly.

Traditionally, the less pins you select the less drops it will take to hit the maximum payout for the settings you’ve selected. However, Plinko at Stake is provably fair and uses a randomized system to generate results. There can be times where you drop very few balls on a higher pin setting and can get a max payout hit.

If you’re seeking that colossal hit to brag to all your Stake friends, you can always go for max payout by setting the game to 16 pins and going for the coveted 1000x payout. Just to put things into perspective, with just a 0.001 ball drop you can make a cool 1BTC by hitting the max payout on 16 pins!

Lastly, your bet amount is a setting that you should take great consideration into while playing Plinko. As we stated earlier, Plinko is a game about bankroll control. This is done through leaving enough room in your balance to fight through the lower payout hits. Then, you continue until you get that max payout you were looking for.

There is one thing that makes this game quite unique compared to others. If you’re hunting for say 1000x, you’re able to recover losses in the game. You can even make profit by hitting pins closer to the left or right of the board. For example, on 16 pins and high risk settings, the second to last pins on both sides still pays out 130x. This amounts to great profit and can help you continue playing until that lucky drop comes.

Plinko Game Mechanics

Plinko is unique compared to other games at Stake. Especially when based on how results are generated since each outcome is based on the path of the ball dropped. Each horizontal level of the plinko board generates either a left or right. This is then directly translated into a visual path for the ball to travel.

What this means is that for the ball to hit a max payout, the result generated would need to be all left or all right paths in order to do so. In order to make the game more visually appealing and more realistic in respects to gravity, the ball may travel as if it does more than one left or right per level.

However this does not affect the generated results from the client and seed pair. There are only two directions for the ball to travel (left or right). Due to this, the translation is done simply by multiplying each float by 2 (as there are mirroring payouts on each side of the board).This is then mapped using the following index.


// Index of 0 to 1 : left to right const DIRECTIONS = [ left, right ];

// Game event translation const direction = CARDS[Math.floor(float * 2)];

As with all games at , the results for plinko are generated using a provably fair system which utilizes a user settable client seed along with a server seed. The seed pair along with the nonce and a cursor are used as input parameters when generating bytes using a random number generator.

The random bytes in this initial step are used as the foundation of generating provably fair results in Plinko. They also ensure both fair and randomized results which are verifiable once the player reveals the server seed. To read more about Stakes provably fair implementation, read our article on it here .

Plinko Advanced Features

In order to assist with playing Plinko, Stake has added some advanced features to make it a pleasurable experience especially for extended play periods.

+ Auto Mode

Unlike other auto modes for games at Stake, plinko uses a simplified version with the only other setting aside from the primary ones being ball number. With auto mode, you can set the number of balls that you want it to drop. It will stop after this specified number has been reached.

This is especially good for times you’re hunting for a certain payout but do not want to continuously wear out your mouse. If you’d like to have a continuous cycle of balls being dropped, you can set the auto mode to 0.

This will continuously drop them until you click stop or your balance is not sufficient for the next one. Do keep in mind that setting it on continuous drops can deplete your balance very quickly on an unlucky run. We highly recommend that you not leave the game untended in this mode.

+ Hotkeys

In addition to autobet mode, players can also enable hotkeys to make it easier on your index finger. To place the fastest number of bets, you can hold down the spacebar which will drop balls at full speed.

+ Instant Bet

Instant bet in plinko allows you to play the game without any of the visual animations. You can see the results of each drop as soon as a bet is placed. Some players prefer playing this way as it reduces the amount of computer resources required to generate the animations.

This goes along with the fact that it allows you to make more bets in the same amount of time. The results of each ball are displayed to the right of the plinko board just as they do on normal mode. Additionally you can see each bet detail below on the My Bets tab.

In conclusion

Plinko at Stake is a game that continues to be a crowd favorite. It’s popularity rises significantly each passing day. We hope that this guide has helped you understand how the game is played as well as how the results are generated. We wish you much success in dropping your way to max payout!