2022 World Cup Tips and Predictions: Quarter Final 3 -Morocco v Portugal

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Quarter final number three will involve the upset making team of Morocco and the well-oiled machine of Portugal.

After a huge quarterfinal performance from the Moroccan defence and the overall midfield, there is an underdog that is finally in the mix.

These round of sixteen matches have delivered to fans with a vengeance, making the quarterfinals a once in a lifetime event.

The teams that have done their due diligence to get to this point have all deserved their last eight spot.

With the last four coming up fairly soon, there is a ton of hype and controversy surrounding the remaining games.

Fans are going to be on a different level for this round, and the atmosphere will be one of high pressure.

The nations with experience have an obvious advantage within these QF games, but do not eliminate some of the younger teams out of the picture.

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Morocco versus Portugal - December 10th

Moroccan players are in absolute ecstasy, but there are a few more steps to go for full joy.

The biggest underdogs now to this point are locked in a matchup against Portugal, which should be a sizable opponent for them to conquer.

The expected goals from this Moroccan side have not been the highest, and their results have come from a huge discipline in the midfield and defensive sides of the pitch.

Their ability to contain opponents within the bounds of the first two-thirds has been a large part of their success.

Hakim Ziyech and Achraf Hakimi are clearly the standout players on paper, but they have also performed to their star power this World Cup.

One of the highlighting factors we will see within this game, however, is their goalkeeper Bono.

The Sevilla man has made crucial stops in most of the games played at this World Cup, and his presence is also a big reason they are at the QF stage.

Morocco has a ton of support from the rest of the world now, as their underdog hopes lie in the African country.

Look for Morocco to play a tightly compact formation, with defence at the front of their minds throughout this game.

Portugal have blazed off a six to one victory over Switzerland in the round of sixteen, making their performance one of the most dominant in WC knockout history.

The team played well in all aspects, and a huge opportunity came for the new man, Goncalo Ramos.

A bold decision by Fernando Santos, the substitution of Cristiano Ronaldo made an impact on the game tenfold.

Portugal seemed to play the freest football, with flowing passes and chances every few minutes.

Their defense remained a great wall to the Switzerland attack, although they conceded one late.

The game seemed easy to the Portuguese, and this is a dominance we have not seen from them in recent months.

They have all the players in the world to make their dreams come true, and why shouldn’t WC 2022 be the event it happens?

With the roster clicking on all cylinders like a well-oiled machine, teams should be scared to face Portugal.

Rafael Leao isn’t even implemented into the team as a starter, which is scary to think about.

Morocco will give their best to try and stop this side, but the attack is going to be much more direct and harder to deal with than Spain’s from last game.

Betting Prediction - Portugal to win in regulation, as well as the over 2.5 on Asian total of goals in the matchup!