2023 NCAAF College Football Picks

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2023 College Football Picks & NCAA Bowl Game Predictions

While technically a unique and amateur sport , college football is wildly popular throughout the U.S. More than 100 teams compete at the highest level of college football , which is known as the Football Bowl Series (FBS). For elite teams like Florida State, Penn State, and Ohio State, the goal each year is a spot in the College Football Playoff. However, for more modest programs like Boise State, Mississippi State, or Bowling Green, participating in a postseason bowl game is usually enough. In other words, every college football team has different expectations and different goals.

2023 College Football Schedule & Overview

When Are NCAA Bowl Games?

College football bowl games are played between mid-December and mid-January. The college football regular season consists of most teams playing 12 games over 13 weeks from late August until late November with an extra week for conference championship games during the first week of December. Two weeks after the conference championship games, bowl games begin and continue for the next several weeks.

How Many Bowl Games Are There?

Most years, there are at least 40 college football bowl games. Some of the biggest games during bowl season include the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the Peach Bowl. However, there are new bowl games that are created while others change their names from year to year.

2023 College Football Picks & Predictions

College football predictions can be tricky. The players are both young and have more distractions than professional players because they are also college students. This can lead to teams and key players being inconsistent from one week to the next. It’s more common for college football teams that are considerable favorites to lose than it is in pro football, which is something to keep in mind when making college football bets.

Bowl Game Picks & Predictions

Throughout the season, bowl projections help to fuel the interest around college football with most teams eager to reach the biggest and most prestigious bowl game possible. However, predicting the winner of bowl games can be challenging. The matchups are often between teams from different conferences and different parts of the country with no history of playing one another. It often comes down to how the two teams match up against one another and their level of motivation. While most teams want to end their season with a bowl victory, not all teams are excited to play in a particular bowl game.

College Football Betting Tips, Odds & Preview

There are so many variables when betting on college football games that it’s wise to know a lot about both teams before making a prediction. This involves reaching matchup reports about each team, looking at their recent results, and any recent news involving either team that could impact their performance. To be more specific, don’t just look at the record of each team; look at what teams they beat or lost to while getting to that record.

The coach is also a huge influence in college football games. With young and inconsistent players, proven coaches tend to make a big impact and can influence the outcome of games. In other words, look at the history of each coach because the team with a better coach in college football games is more likely to outperform expectations.

Also, with so many college football teams, it’s a good idea to limit yourself to one or two conferences rather than trying to learn about every team. For instance, if you focus on the ACC or SEC, don’t bet on games involving Oregon State. Meanwhile, if your focus is the Big Ten or the Big 12, don’t both with North Carolina games.

Types of NCAAF Bets & How to Bet on College Football

There are several types of college football odds and betting markets .

  • Spread - Betting against the spread is the most common form of betting in most sports, including college football. A spread is assigned to each game based on what team is favored and what team is the underdog. The favorite will need to win by a certain amount of points to win the bet while the underdog can win the bet if they lose by fewer points than the betting spread.

  • Moneyline - With a moneyline , the spread is ignored and all that matters is the winner and loser of the game. However, the betting odds are skewed based on the favorite and the underdog, meaning betting on a favorite offers a lower payout than betting on an underdog, which is more lucrative

  • Totals - Rather than worrying about the winner and loser, a total bet is only concerned with the number of points in a college football game. A value is assigned to every game with bettors making a wager on the total points in the game being over or under that number.

  • Outright betting - Rather than betting on the outcome of a single game, with futures or outright betting , bettors can make long-term college football bets. This includes pre-season bets on the number of wins a particular will have during the season. It’s also possible to bet on the winner of a particular conference or the national championship before and during the season.

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