Champions League Tips and Predictions – Semi Finals

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The Quarter Finals stage of the 2022 Champions League season has drawn to a close, and there is so much to be excited about for the final four teams remaining in the competition.

Some of the best goals have been scored in this playoff stage, and the drama has been immense.

After seeing every single team put it all on the line even in defeat, the motivation should be at an all-time high for each player on a remaining club.

The Championship berth is so close, yet so far, reaching this stage is an achievement in itself.

The last four teams will be hungry to claim their stake as the top team in Europe, and the action will not go gently into the night. has all the Champions League lines and props, so head over and check it out!


Semi-Final #1 - Liverpool FC versus Villarreal CF - First Leg April 27, 2022

Liverpool are fresh off the boat, and in scintillating form at the moment.

The Premier League runners-up (currently) are clearly in the top of the cream of the crop in the world, and nothing will change that fact in the near future.

Defensive issues will be the only thing this team has a concern for come the tie, and those must be cleaned up in a steadfast manner.

Although they can score against anyone and everyone, Liverpool has a problem on defending counterattacks and set pieces.

The defensive focus can be shaky at times and cause them to let teams get back into matches that should have been put away.

Villareal are currently sitting in eighth place in the Spanish league and have a ton of confidence heading into one of the toughest challenges they’ve faced this season in Liverpool.

Although not playing well domestically, Unai Emery and his men have some of the most determined players in the world and have a style that can be adopted by anyone on the roster.

The belief and heart this team has shown throughout both the Europa and Champions Leagues are something to marvel at, and they should be proud of what they have accomplished so far.

Prediction - Liverpool will be too much for Villareal, the pure talent and strategy from the Reds will triumph in the end.

Semi-Final #2 - Manchester City FC versus Real Madrid CF - First Leg April 27, 2022

Manchester City are coming off a tough two-leg race versus a very capable Atletico Madrid side that were in it until the last minute.

Pep Guardiola’s men are chasing the treble and what comes next for them in Europe, is a tall task against Real Madrid.

The team has been playing the right style of football for Pep, but making sure chances go in is something that concerns them for the last few games.

Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden are going to have to come up massive in this particular matchup and carry their team to a possible second consecutive Champions League final.

Real Madrid fans do not feel great after what was a very up and down tie versus Chelsea last week.

The two-goal lead was quickly erased, and Madrid were looking up at the scoreboard in terror when they realized they were down a goal.

The inner-defensive style of Madrid is something that can be easily exploited by Man City, and this is something they need to change before their tie in two weeks.

Prediction - Manchester City over legs will dominate the possession and force their way into the CL Finals once again.