Crazy Time Guide and Review

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Crazy Time is a live casino game and game show developed by Evolution Gaming . In the centre of the action is a money wheel made up of 54 different segments. The game host spins the wheel, which stops on either a money prize or one out of four bonus games. Various multipliers can be added to the wins, resulting in the players taking home up to €500.000.

The Game Wheel and Payouts

The objective of Crazy Time is to place a bet on the segment the wheel will stop at. The money wheel has 8 different compartments. On the table below, you can see all the available bet stops and how many segments are available on the wheel.

If you successfully predicted the correct number, your wager will be multiplied by the section the wheel stopped at.

• Number 1 pays 1x • Number 2 pays 2x • Number 5 pays 5x • Number 10 pays 10x

A bet on a bonus segment allows players to participate in an additional game that follows the initial spin of the wheel.

How to Play the Game

Before each round of play, players will have 15 seconds to place one or multiple bets on the 8 different segments on the wheel. When the betting period ends, the presenter spins the wheel and waits for it to stop. The flapper at the top indicates the winning selection. Each round can have only one winning segment.

The main game of Crazy Times consists of two parts. There is also a 2-reel Top Slot that gets activated in every round together with the money wheel. The Top Slot carries multipliers of various sizes.

These multipliers can greatly increase the payouts for the winning segment. If a multiplier is to be carried over to the main game, the 1st and 2nd reel of the Top Slot need to align correctly. The first reel stops on one of the 8 segments, and at the same time, the 2nd reel needs to align with a multiplier. Only the bet stop shown in the Top Slot can be multiplied for that round. If the two reels fail to align on the black horizontal line, the spin will be played out without a multiplier.

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Bonus Games

If the flapper comes to a stop on one of the 4 bonus games, a new round of play commences. Only players who placed bets on that specific bonus game can take part and win prizes in the bonus games. Multipliers from the Top Spin are carried over to the bonus games and multiplied with wins rewarded in those rounds.

Cash Hunt

This bonus round displays a wall with 108 different multipliers on it. The multipliers get converted to random symbols by the presenter and shuffled around the board. Your objective is to shoot a cannon at the picture you believe hides the highest multiplier. All players make their own choices and win different rewards. When everyone has shot their canons, the symbols will be converted back to multipliers, and all prizes will be paid out.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip is a simple Heads or Tails feature that involves choosing between two colours: Red or Blue. Each colour gets a random multiplier assigned to it. The game host then flips the coin, and the colour that faces upwards is the winner. This bonus game has a Rescue Flip feature that can get triggered if a low multiplier value has been assigned. If that happens, the coin will be tossed again with a new set of multipliers.


The Pachinko bonus round is played out on a wall containing 16 random multiplier and double zones at the bottom. At the top of the wall, a puck drop zone will be highlighted. The game host drops a puck through that zone, and the puck makes its way down the wall bouncing left and right as it hits pegs in its path.

The multiplier the puck lands on gets multiplied with the player’s stake when payouts are calculated. If the puck lands on a double zone, all multipliers will be doubled, and the bonus round will restart. A Rescue Drop can be triggered when the puck lands on multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 4x.

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Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the most rewarding bonus game. It’s played on a new and virtual wheel made up of 64 segments and 3 flappers on the top. Before the round starts, each player must select between a green, blue, or yellow flapper. The new wheel only hosts multipliers, doubles, and triples. If one flapper lands on a double or triple, the values of all multipliers will be doubled/tripled, but only for the players who selected that particular flapper. The wheel will then be spun once again, just for them, until it stops on a multiplier zone.


Crazy Time is one of the most entertaining live games introduced in 2020 by Evolution Gaming available on the Stake casino . Its highlights are its bonus games, and rewarding multiplier wins as high as €500.000 per round. This live show has an RTP range from 94.41-96.08% depending on the type of bet the player makes. The betting range will satisfy all kinds of players since it’s possible to wager a minimum of $0.10. High rollers can try their luck with up to $15.000 per spin.

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