UEFA Nations League World Football - Match Week Previews and Predictions

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The UEFA Nations League involves all qualifying teams from Europe and puts them into groups which can see through their Euro 2024 survival. After the club season has ended, players have more motivation to put in the work and help their home nations succeed in such a fierce competition. There are different leagues to the Nations League, and Group A / League A features some of the top 10-20 teams in the world, and in all of Europe. Dating back decades and decades ago, most of these European countries have pride in their football programs, and the rivalries versus other countries will be on full display throughout these few weeks. Stake.com has the best UEFA Nations League lines in the game, so check us out now for some possible promotions as well!

Game 1 - Friday, June 10th, 2022 - Denmark versus Croatia

Denmark will feel very confident heading into a clash against Croatia, another team on the uptrend as of recent. The Danes will be situated in Copenhagen this time around, trying to defend their home territory. After a comeback against one of the world’s best in France, Denmark is now on the international radar, in a big way. Players like Cornelius, Eriksen, and Hojberg all have a feature in this play, and their consistency shows one of the more solid squads in all of Europe. Never giving up on the match, and always fighting for the last goal, Denmark possesses a strong mental ability compared to most European teams and are a threat if their opponents are lacking on any day they face up.

Croatia led by Luka Modric are currently sitting in fourth in a very early edition of the UEFA Nations League and will be looking towards this match to turn things around. The former World Cup finalists are going to be eager to avenge their poor start to European play, and their team knows that they are capable of bigger and better things. Croatia plays a very reactive game and bases their strategies on how their opponents want to defend. They can sit back in possession as well as hit on the counter, depending on the personnel on the field.

Prediction - Denmark 2 - Croatia 2 in a draw which sees both teams gaining a point out of a very difficult match.

Game 2 - Saturday, June 11th, 2022 - England versus Italy

Gareth Southgate will be looking for a spark plug in the England camp after an underwhelming two games to start off the UEFA Campaign. Drawing with Germany and losing to Hungary, England knows that their talent level is one of the best. Their inconsistencies need to be addressed, and that comes with the lack of goal-scoring in recent times. Look for Harry Kane to pick up the pace after finally scoring his 50th International goal against Germany in injury time. This will be crucial if England wants to avenge their Euro 2022 final, and this would be the perfect place and time to do it.

Italy knows that they will have a tough task ahead of them in England, and their own play has been very subpar to say the least. There is a lot of turning heads when it comes to Italy in world football, and their recent loss to North Macedonia in the WC Qualifiers must take the cake.

Prediction - England wins 3 goals to Italy’s 1. The attacking firepower will finally be on display for the Lions.