Golf Tips and Predictions: American Express Tournament

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The test of the top players will be coming to a golf course near you this upcoming weekend!

One of the PGA’s best formatted tours in its history is the American Express .

Featuring more than ten of the top twenty players this season, this Championship will be a long, gruelling test of who deserves the respect of the best of the best.

Only the premier players received an invite to this tournament, and only the best of the world accepted the challenge.

A tournament with tons to offer, the winner will be ecstatic at the amount of rankings points and prize money involved.

A weekend that will be fun to watch for many, the American Express will provide us a glimpse into some potential contenders heading into the grand slams this season.

With the huge tournaments almost in-play, these players will want to make their mark in these stages and head into some of the biggest events in sport with confidence. will have all the outright odds available for you to bet on, so let’s look at some players to watch for!

Players to Watch For

Jon Rahm - On a Roll and Former Champion

The 2018 Champion and previous event winner throughout this month, Jon Rahm , has a chance to really separate himself from the pack.

The Spanish #1 and world #3 is playing some crazy golf now, with putting being his biggest strength on these courses.

Of course, the short game isn’t the only thing Rahm is good at, but there is definitely heightened senses when he takes his putter to the grass.

Rahm is full of confidence because of his performances in the past five or six tournaments, with the last one being a great culmination of efforts.

The American Express was a win for him back in 2018, and although the conditions have changed ever so slightly, he believes he will have a chance to pick it up again in 2023.

Look for Rahm to make a mark on this season, and this tournament.

Scottie Scheffler - On Par with the Best

World #2 Scottie Scheffler was so close to kindling an absolutely insane comeback in the Tournament of Champions two weeks ago.

Almost six strokes behind the leader, Colin Morikawa, there was no hope heading into Sunday.

One of the world’s most consistent players finds himself in a position to take on the world #1 seeding if he can put in an absolute shift in the American Express 2023.

Scheffler has all the tools at his disposal, but fans will wonder if his mentality and ability can be displayed all four days of the weekend.

Will Zalatoris - Arrival on the Scene

Will Zalatoris has been relatively quiet in early 2023, but his momentous 2022 deserves all the praise.

Zalatoris is only in his mid-twenties, but his come up as a youngster has been truly special.

He is one of the mid table odds in such a stacked field, but he has the talent to do damage to the best of the best.

Zalatoris will play without pressure and free strokes this weekend, so he isn’t a bad bet to back in the grand scheme.