Golf Tips and Predictions: Arnold Palmers Invitational

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The PGA is starting to get into some of the bigger events of the season, and this week we will be showcasing all the world’s best in the Arnold Palmer Invitational .

One of the all-time greats in the sport, Arnold Palmer impacted the game of golf like no other.

This tournament is always a highlight on everybody’s radar, and it is a great time to put forth your best play.

Some truly intense games are played on the Bay Hill, and many legends have lifted up the trophy in their careers.

These past few weeks have been pivotal in the overall season, and the PGA Tour is gaining a ton of fans in the process.

Golf is a sport that has taken off from its previous highs in the past couple of years, and the sport is truly a great one to watch and behold! remains the best golf odds for outright and matchup odds on the crypto space.

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Players to Watch For

Conquering the Lot - Jon Rahm

To say that Jon Rahm is locked in would be an understatement.

The man on fire has given himself an opportunity to win every single tournament in the past two to three months, and his form is incredible.

Right now, the Spaniard who has gained so much momentum is looking to claim a huge title in the AP Invitational to his resume.

Rahm has shown clutch ability on Sundays, as well as the ability to take huge leads and advantages.

He is never out of the race, and his cut consistency is built on a different level.

Rahm has enjoyed some miracle shots in his past few outings, and this will be another chance to make the highlight reels.

Benefitting from hard work and his consistency, Rahm is looking like the baddest man on the tour right now.

If you want to win a chip, you will have to go through him.

Still Pushing for Glory - Rory Mcllroy

Europe’s strong showing in Florida this week will be headlined by Rory Mcllroy .

A man who only participates in the best of tournaments, Rory will be looking to make up some ground and some invaluable FedEx points this weekend.

His play is still top-tier and can challenge anyone on this level, but the blunders have been untimely.

In fantasy land through the first few days and crashing out on the last, Rory must maintain his composure and finish off these Sundays in order for him to have a chance this time around.

The competition is rough, and he will be up for the challenge.

Building on Momentum - Max Homa

Max Homa was a huge competitor just a few weeks ago at the Genesis Invitational.

Thirty-two years young, Homa does well in these stretches of the season and can turn around his fortunes with a few actions with the blade.

Everything has been falling into place recently for Homa, and his carryover will be huge for the rest of the field at the AP.

Homa can truly make a name for himself and announce his breakthrough with a dominant showing this weekend, which we’re not writing him off for.