Golf Tips and Predictions: Valspar Championship

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The Valspar Championship is another golf tournament that takes place during the Florida Swing and is known for being a tough one, particularly on Sundays.

There are a ton of tricky conditions that will be difficult to navigate for the golfers this week, but we expect some fireworks to be drawn no matter what.

Taking place just after the almighty Players tournament, there is a ton of ground to be made up in the rankings and get back on track for the rest of the season.

PGA fans know how difficult Valspar can be, and players can truly make a name for themselves with a great performance here this week.

Tampa Bay is going to be rocking, and those who don’t crumble on the pressure will be rewarded greatly!

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Players to Watch For

Justin Thomas - Answers may Lie Ahead!

JT is having a decent season so far, but he would like to notch a few tournament wins under his belt to retain his mojo.

One of the more talented golfers in recent history, Justin Thomas always has a great fan support to lean on, as well as tons of ability on his day.

He hasn’t shown it in recent tourneys, but Valspar may be one he gets his hands on.

These tough conditions are what JT can capitalize on and show how far he is from the rest of the pack.

This tournament is relatively routine from Thursday - Saturday, but if he can lock in on Sunday, he will be able to take the crown.

Justin Thomas might be one of the bigger names in this field, so keep an eye on him to make a splash.

Taylor Montgomery - One to Watch For

Taylor Montgomery is one of the future stars of the PGA Tour and he has proven he can hang with the best of them.

Montgomery possesses a sleek long game, and he has to work on his short game to continue with the climb up the rankings.

Clutching birdie putts and ones before, Montgomery has no problem getting to his spots on the course and making opponents pay for their mistakes.

This weekend might be one of his toughest, purely off the conditions. Will he find a way out? Only time will tell.

Tommy Fleetwood - On the Rise

Tommy Fleetwood is another big name on this field list, and up to this point he has had a decent 2023.

Fleetwood will draw a ton of crowd support and demand his best from himself, but it all depends on his mentality heading into these long holes.

The trickery and need to decipher every decision on the Valspar roads is something that not many can handle.

Fleetwood is more than equipped to deal with the challenge and will be ready to make a run for a title this weekend.