How to become a VIP on Stake

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Being a VIP on Stake certainly has its perks.

From monetary rewards to exclusive access to some of our special promotions, being a VIP is definitely worthwhile.

But how would you go about becoming a VIP if you so desired it?

There are short and long answers for this.

The short answer: wager.

The more you wager on Stake, the better your rewards will be. For example, if you reach a Bronze VIP ranking, you’ll get a Bronze VIP bonus of a certain amount.

For Silver, you get a Silver bonus. And so on and so forth until you reach Diamond VIP.

To explain all of this in more detail, we’ll go to the long answer.

For each VIP level that you reach, your rewards will increase . You’ll get access to reloads, bonuses and many more things the higher that you rank up as a VIP.

More information on our VIP system can be found via the below images.

If any of this sounds confusing to you, we understand. You can also view more information similar to this via these images:

Our players highly recommend using our VIP system and countless players were kind enough to provide us with some great feedback and advice.

You can view some of these helpful reviews below.

If you’d like to view all the information via our website, you can do just that!

Just click this link and you’ll be able to get an interactive understanding as to how our VIP system works and how you can use it. Or dive deeper into how the Stake VIP program works, it's benefits and a whole lot more, with our VIP program guide .

We hope this brief guide has given you guys a better understanding of the VIP system and hopefully we’ll see some of you playing smarter and becoming VIPs soon too!