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How to Play Limbo at

Limbo is a Stake Originals online casino game offering stripped-back, easy-to-understand gameplay well-suited to beginner players and seasoned professionals alike.

Drawing inspiration from the popular Dice game, Limbo’s similar gameplay means that fans who love the Stake Originals classic will no doubt enjoy the limitless possibilities of this exciting title.

The Limbo gambling game is an original game from the Stake Originals studio, offering high-variance gameplay and a max win potential of 1,000,000 times your bet.

Keep reading to discover all you need to know about Limbo, including how the mechanics work, what advanced features you can look forward to, and how to start playing here at Stake Casino today!

What is Limbo? - Understanding the Basics

Limbo is a niche game with easy-to-follow rules, making it one of the favourite casino games amongst Stake players. When it comes to betting strategy, there are two aspects of gameplay that you need to understand in this luck-based game: the bet amount and the target multiplier.

To play Stake Limbo, select these two values, then hit the bet button to see the result of the round and the “crash point” multiplier.

If the resultant multiplier amount is higher than your selected target multiplier at the end of the round, you are awarded a payout of your wager amount multiplied by the target multiplier you selected – regardless of the final round result.

If your target multiplier exceeds that displayed at the end of the round, the game result number will appear red on your screen, and your wager will be forfeited.

How Does Limbo Work?

When it comes to playing the popular Limbo Stake Originals online casino game, this game of chance really is quite easy to understand. To begin, you must ensure you have a valid, live Stake Casino account funded using your preferred cryptocurrency.

If you’re new to the world of crypto gambling , we recommend you do some research about purchasing cryptocurrencies and the safety of gambling with crypto before you get started. Our guide goes through all the cryptocurrencies available at Stake , so you can choose the right coin for you!

When you’re ready to play, head to the Stake lobby to find and launch the Limbo casino game, where you’ll be presented with a stripped-back game divided into two sections. On the right-hand side is the game arena, where the final crash point of each round is displayed. You can select your target multiplier using the up and down arrows, which will cause the win chance percentage to change according to your selected multiplier.

The left-hand side displays the betting station. To play manually, set your chosen target multiplier and bet amount, then hit the green bet button to start the round. Alternatively, you can select auto-bet, where you will see options to set the number of bets, bet amount, stop on profit amount, stop on loss amount, plus more.

Don’t forget to check out our casino promos page before you start playing to discover exciting bonus offers that could help you boost your win potential. And if you’re a regular player, read about our VIP Club and your chance to earn exclusive benefits and access to your own personal Stake VIP Host .

What are the Game Mechanics in Limbo?

During Limbo betting rounds, the results are determined by a two-step process. The first step is called the "float point", generated by multiplying the maximum payout (1,000,000x) and the house edge (1%) with random bytes generated using RNG technology. This is then used to randomise the outcomes of the game.

To create a game event with a probability distribution, the maximum possible multiplier is divided by the result of the first calculation. This creates the “crash point” used to determine the round outcome.

Although there is a maximum win of 1,000,000, when betting Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies available at Stake, there is theoretically no limit to the amount you can win playing Bitcoin Limbo.

Like all games at Stake, Limbo uses probability distribution to ensure fair and random outcomes. Discover more exclusive games using the same technology here at

Limbo Advanced Features

You can enjoy a number of advanced features in the Limbo crypto game to help you get the most out of your game experience, which we have outlined below:

Auto Mode

If you are familiar with the Dice Stake Originals game, you’ll recognise the controls in the Limbo game’s auto mode. These configurable settings give you more control of your game, allowing you to run the auto bet function with stop limits such as a maximum profit stop and maximum loss stop.

Additionally, you can utilise the increase on win or increase on loss options, so you can set a higher bet amount once your game has hit the predetermined requirements.

Once running, you have the ability to stop the auto bet manually at any stage.


The title’s hotkeys mode is ideal for players using desktop computers to play the game. When the hotkeys are enabled, you can use the keyboard to play rather than using the computer mouse. You can use the hotkeys to place a bet, double, halve, or zero your bet amount.

Note that when you enable hotkeys, they remain active on all games until they are manually disabled.

Instant Bet

Are you looking to speed up your gameplay in this popular casino game? That’s what the instant bet function allows you to do in this simple game. Activate the instant bet function to make your play significantly quicker when using the hotkeys or auto bet functionality.

What is the Provably Fair System in Limbo?

The concept behind the provably fair system in the Limbo crypto casino game or any of our Stake Originals is to instil a sense of trust in players by allowing you to verify the fairness of the game.

We provide players with the ability to prove and verify that the results of their game are indeed fair and unmanipulated. This is achieved through the combination of a commitment scheme and cryptographic hashing. We have a blog dedicated to the mechanics of RNG's which you can read to learn more about the randomisation of online casino games.

Now, onto the technical part. There are two steps to implementing this system in the Limbo online casino game. First, the float is multiplied by the maximum possible multiplier and the house edge. Then, the max multiplier is divided by the result of step one to create a crash point.

You can learn more about provably fair games on the Stake Casino blog.