Launching Ripple

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Launching Ripple

We’ve introduced a new coin — yet another change at

One of the most anticipated coins to hit our wallet, and one of the most stable coins in the industry is Ripple. It is a currency that we thought would be great to invest in, as we try and reach a market worth nearly $18 million dollars.

Over the past 12 months, we have expanded from just being a Bitcoin casino to supporting five other coins  — whilst still accepting over 130 currencies on our site. We don’t think that Ripple is our limit, and when we feel the time is right, we are open to supporting other coins.

A look at Ripple

Ripple as a payment protocol provides a smooth experience when sending money globally, which connects banks and payment providers. It offers fast, reliable and affordable payments — and it is a coin we are excited to support on Stake.

Ripple uses a token called XRP, which represents the transfer of value across the Ripple network. The XRP is a mediator for cryptocurrency and fiat exchanges. Many currencies cannot directly be converted to each other. While banks use USD as their mediator, Ripple uses XRP.

Ripple is also used for fast transactions, with an average transaction time of 4 seconds. For context, Bitcoin , over time, has averaged an hour. Banks; a few days.

Ripple is supported by the worlds biggest banks, such as Westpac, Standard Chartered, Santander and Union Credit.

Our challenges

The inception of Ripple onto Stake had its challenges, as it came during one of our busiest periods of the year. Our whole team found it difficult when it came to prioritisation, especially with a Sportsbook in the mixer.

When having two projects in the works, both just as important as the other, it is easy to sacrifice time and quality on both as you look for a solution to work on both simultaneously.

The developers of Stake knew this was coming, and continuously made a conscious effort to ensure that we were going to do what was right for us in terms of profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. Thus being a key reason as to why we have had little to no issues with the launch.

We have successfully launched XRP on our sister company, Primedice in addition to here at Stake, and we have received great feedback thus far.

Since its inception, Ripple has registered more deposits than any other coin.

Expanding our range of movement within the crypto gambling sphere is our highest priority, ensuring we improve our products each and every day. We feel this move did exactly that.

Our current Ripple stats

Ripple deposits: 25,000+ Favourite coin (number of players): 713— A ridiculously high number already.