March Madness Semi Finals Preview: UConn Huskies versus Miami Hurricanes

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The second matchup of the Final Four is going to be taking place between UConn and Miami in sunny Houston at NRG Stadium.

Both of these teams are red-hot and have beaten some very quality opponents in the tournament to get here.

Whether underdogs or favourites, the road has been tough, and they are both deserving finalists regardless of the outcome.

Both of these college programs have rich history in the basketball scene, particularly when talking about the legacy of coaches and final four appearances.

There are multiple NBA players that will be playing in this game, and the scouts will be out for a big event this weekend.

One of the two semi-finals set to be played in NRG stadium, both of these teams are a part of big-time conferences and will be looking to represent their groups with pride.

UConn has been deemed as the consensus tournament favourite at this point, while Miami have been underdogs through and through.

Let’s get into analysing this matchup available to bet on’s sportsbook!

UConn Huskies vs Miami Hurricanes

Why can UConn Win?

UConn has been a dominant squad since the beginning of the season but fell short in many different Big East games to start off the conference play.

Their middle part of the season was not who they were at the beginning and end, and they are finally showing their true colours.

Adama Sanogo is one of the brightest stars in the NCAA’s and his play has truly lifted them up to a different level in March.

The 6’9 Senior is one of the biggest scouted players in the tournament, and he has enforced his will on nearly everyone he has come up against.

His surrounding supporting cast is not shabby, either.

Tristan Newton, Jordan Hawkins, and other elite players have found their form and are contributing at high levels.

Defensively and offensively, UConn runs deep, and they have a bag deeper than your usual college team.

They can play a bunch of different players and still retain the same result, something that not many teams can say in the college game.

Why can Miami Win?

Miami has done immensely well to prove all doubters wrong with every step of the NCAAs in 2023.

Their squad is by no means mediocre, and they have a ton of veteran leadership combined with explosive talents.

Shooting and rebounding has been a key strategy for them all season long, and they are home to the ACC player of the year, Isaiah Wong.

Their three-point shooting has kicked up in this tournament, and they are getting hot when they need to.

Miami will force their way into any situation, and are assertive on the offensive end of the floor.

Defensively, they will be undersized in this game, and that will pose problems for them in the paint.

If they can minimize the advantage with their jump shooting, though, this game is 50/50.

Prediction - UConn to win the money line and cover the spread of -3.5.