MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - August 15-21

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Major League Baseball comes forth with another week of great matches to bet and watch!

Week twenty of play will feature a newly renewed sense of urgency for all ball clubs in the league because of how close we are to the postseason.

August tends to be a turning point month for most teams in the MLB, whether that be for the better or worse.

This week of games will reflect those that truly want to make the playoffs and those that will be looking on from the sidelines until next season.

The goal is to play in September and October, and all teams in the MLB believe that they have a shot to make history.

Some of the big players after the trade deadline include: the Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, Astros and many more organizations.

Some of these teams have such big leads that they will not be too worried about a bad week, however, maintaining form heading into the most imperative part of the season is preferred.

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Los Angeles Dodgers @ Milwaukee Brewers - Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

In a battle between two of the National League’s best squads, the LA Dodgers will be looking to continue their dominant season against the Brewers.

Los Angeles has one of the best offensive lineups in the league and there is no rival to how deep their overall roster is.

Once the injured reserve list is sorted, the Dodgers will have the deepest roster in the MLB to make a run in the postseason with.

Pitching starters as well as key offensive hitters are all on the block currently resting from injury and they are still making ends meet with every game that passes by.

Star acquisition Freddie Freeman has been hitting above .300 for the majority of the season with over 15 home runs in the process.

On the flip side, the Brewers have come into August with cold vibes and need to turn their ways around. This sudden downfall with the offense will need to pick up if they want any chance against the Dodgers.

Prediction - Los Angeles Dodgers -1.5 run line and take them on the money line for an ability to make some massive money!

Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees - Friday, August 19th, 2022

The AL East rivalry will turn up to the maximum level when the Toronto Blue Jays head into the Bronx this week.

The Canadian squad is in super-hot form at the moment and their offense is firing on all cylinders, bringing any opposing pitcher down in the process.

Comparing both rosters now, pitching will be a huge defining factor in who wins this game.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and the team are feeling that this series will define the way they move for the rest of the year, and he may very well be right.

When looking at how both rosters compete, there is a definite playoff atmosphere surrounding this series.

Both lineups hold massive offensive weapons in their arsenal, so expect a ton of runs to be scored not only in this game alone, but the series overall as well!

Prediction - Take the over on runs in this game as there is only bombs able to be had in the Bronx!