MLB 2023 Weekly Preview - Week 11

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The MLB is finally in week 11 of the season, and we are flying through the weeks and are just a little over a quarter of the total year.

Playoff aspirations are something to keep an eye on now, because these divisional leads are starting to get out of hand.

These players are putting a shift in night in and night out, and the season scheduling doesn’t get any better the rest of the way.

Limited days of rest and multiple weeks of travel per month, the MLB is truly a gruelling game with a ton of focus and mental fortitude that is asked from the players.

The top of the game remains steadfast with the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers, who are both reigning in the AL Conference.

Baseball is definitely a crazy sport, and on any given night, especially in the regular season, anything can happen.

The world was starting to gain a healthier love for the game after the World Baseball Classic over two months ago, and now it is seemingly growing further with the addition of the regular season.

Let’s get into the premier matchups of the week to bet on!


Houston Astros @ Toronto Blue Jays - Thursday, June 8th

After a very underachieving start to the season, the Houston Astros are here to play and defend their World Series crown.

The Stros are without a doubt one of the scariest teams in baseball every season, and they finally look to be back in form.

Jose Altuve is getting back into the lineup, while the rest of the team is cooking regardless.

Housing some of the top prospects in the whole league, they have done well to rebuild their roster about a decade ago.

They are now dominating all aspects within the baseball world and have a ton of blueprint for many other franchises to follow.

They will look to steal a decisive series against one of the best in the league, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Toronto needs to start winning more consistently in order to try and put pressure on the Rays who are in their division but are currently finding patches of darkness.

The talent on the Blue Jays roster is immense and there is no doubt that they will be contenders for years to come.

There needs to be an emphasis on starting pitching these next few months for Toronto, as their main ace Aleks Manoah has been downright horrible.

Prediction - Blue Jays ML and the over on total runs scored.

Los Angeles Angels @ Seattle Mariners - Friday, June 9th

The LA Angels and Seattle Mariners will be facing off in a divisional battle for the AL West standings.

These two teams have bigger aspirations and hopes on the season but must beat each other out in order to gain ground in the division.

It is always hard to play within the division, and every game may feel like an eternity as there are more implications and requirements involved when going through a team you know so well.

These two have all-stars on both ends of the field, but the Angels seem to be playing better offensively.

The Mariners must solve their offensive woes fast in order to compete in this division and make the playoffs once again, building on a successful 2022.

Prediction - LA Angels to win and the over on total runs scored.