NBA Finals Weekly Preview - Week 3 - Golden State Warriors Versus Boston Celtics

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The NBA Finals has delivered a treat to basketball fans circling the globe, and it is not quite finished yet. After the Golden State Warriors evened the series up with a signature road win at Boston, anything is possible. The Championship is completely up for grabs at this moment and both teams will feel like they have had missed opportunities on both ends of the spectrum. Starpower, drama, and uncertainty are all great characteristics to highlight within an NBA final sand this series has reflected all that and then some. This upcoming week of games (Game 5 and 6) will prove to be especially pivotal in the series winner, and arguably shape the rest of NBA history forever. has you covered with the best NBA Finals promos in the game, so maximize your money and make sure your bets are covered on the best Crypto Book around!

There should be nothing that phases the will of the Golden State Warriors, especially after game four at Boston. The heroics of star-man Stephen Curry were once again on display for the world to see and without his antics there would be no talk of an all-important game five back at the Bay. Steve Kerr put it best when saying he was going to thank Stephen down the line for this performance as it might just have saved their season and finals hopes. The Warriors are still not playing to the best of their abilities, and their bucket-getters are shooting at low efficiency rates. The fact that they are showing the grit and determination to battle back from two one and one zero down to make this a war shows huge improvement from the past two seasons. The experienced core three will be eager to show their mentality in these last three games and this next week or so will be a key indicator to whether or not these Warriors are the real deal.

Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics are going to feel hard done by a missed opportunity in game four and will feel like a game just slipped out of their fingers. After leading for most of the game up until the mid third, the Celtics were distraught and caught out by poor shooting and the fire that Steph Curry caught. Ime Udokah heads back to the drawing board in a do or die game five at GSW which sees the Celtics in a familiar position. Being inefficient with home games has been the story of the Celtics this whole playoffs and some would say they are even more comfortable on the road. This feels different, though, because of the Championship pedigree the Warriors possess. 


Warriors take game five, Boston takes game six and we will be heading to seven games. has you covered for all the NBA Finals lines and more, now!