NBA Tips and Predictions: February 13 – 19

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The NBA is growing into a huge battle between teams to find out who will take the final playoff spots into the postseason. Teams are all creating schemes and situations in order to put themselves in prime position to clinch playoff spots. With the trade deadline just being passed, there are many teams eager to showcase their new pieces on the big stage. James Harden to the 76ers was probably the biggest blockbuster of the deadline, but many other teams traded key pieces for other key pieces. It will be interesting to see how this season finishes, and the competition is just now starting to ramp up.

February 14th – Golden State Warriors versus Los Angeles Clippers

The Golden State Warriors are out for blood versus anyone and everyone in the NBA. Led by the two best shooters the game has ever seen, the Golden State now has their favourite duo back in full force. Having just beat the Lakers in a tightly contested affair, the Warriors and their confidence is sky high at this point in the season. They are still yet to get Draymond Green back from injury, and once they do they will be a huge goliath to be reckoned with for all teams in the league.

Los Angeles has two teams in contention for the last playoff spots. The Clippers will have their work cut out for them in a matchup that will be a high-intensity battle from the get go. Both these teams can score in loads, and shooting is the main priority. They both have high-volume shooters with creators that can get open shots. Reggie Jackson will need to be in his best form during this game, if the Clippers are to have any chance.

Selection – GSW Spread, ML They will get the job done in a match that figures to be volume scoring to the highest degree.

February 16th – Brooklyn Nets versus New York Knicks

Both New York teams are currently reeling in loss streaks, and what better way to snap out of it than the in-town rivalry between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. This one will be a grinder, as there are injuries on both sides. But overall, New York is healthier at the current moment. It depends if Brooklyn can snap out of its defensive woes, but this one should go to the healthier Knicks and send the Nets reeling into another loss, a horrible figure for their season.

Selection –  New York Knicks ML