NBA Weekly Preview: Week 25

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The NBA is back for week twenty-five of action, and we have only a couple weeks left before the playoffs kick off.

This season has truly lived up to the hype, and the parity within both conferences will make the race to a Championship even more entertaining.

Especially in the Western Conference, there is an unknown cloud falling over everyone’s shoulders.

This year’s playoffs should be one of the most exciting, as the drama has ramped up in a huge way amongst rivals and players.

There is no better time to make it personal than the playoffs, and players’ mentalities must be at tip top shape in order to compete.

These last two weeks of the season will be imperative in order to find out seeding and avoid the possible play-in tournament.

Teams are going to be putting their best foot forward and those with prime positions will think about resting up their stars for the bigger picture.

Health and ability to keep going with how tough the NBA season is remaining a top priority, and we have seen things like load management dominate the headlines in 2023.

Let’s take a look at some of this week’s best matchups on’s sportsbook!

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Los Angeles Clippers versus Memphis Grizzlies - March 29th

The LA Clippers are coming into their own finally, after a period where their doom and gloom was misplaced on Russell Westbrook’s trade, coming over to the team.

They are in a good spot to avoid the play-in and take one of the middle seeds in the West, but they are certainly not worried about that right now.

Paul George’s injury just over a week ago was a freak accident, and there are going to be a few more weeks before he returns, a player who the Clippers desperately need in order to get to later parts of the playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook look to carry the load in the meantime, and they will try to finish off the season in a strong manner.

Their three-point shooting and offensive abilities will be the point of emphasis in a tough matchup versus the Memphis Grizzlies this week.

Memphis is happy to have their star man Ja Morant back, as his play has been much needed in the past few weeks.

After a huge suspension coming from Adam Silver and the league, Morant has come back into the team and will look to regain some of his form before his absence.

An MVP Candidate before his situation occurred, Morant will have to ease himself back into the NBA pace and be fresh for the playoffs.

This period of break could have been beneficial to Morant, but most think it was largely negative.

Prediction - Memphis Grizzlies ML and the total over on points.

Denver Nuggets versus Phoenix Suns - March 31st

The Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns are both teams looking to make the utmost noise in the playoffs of 2023.

Two teams with star-studded line-ups, this matchup will be great to watch, but without the presence of Kevin Durant.

The newly acquired man from Brooklyn is still recovering from his injury and it looks like Phoenix will be wanting to save him for the time being.

With that being said, this matchup still will be very competitive and both teams will want to beat each other after meeting in the playoffs last season and many times before.

Prediction - Denver Nuggets Money line and spread.