NFL 2022 Weekly Preview: Conference Championships

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Welcome to our Conference Championship weekend preview.

Sadly, we only have three NFL games left for the remainder of the season.

While we are excited that it’s Conference Championship weekend, we are also a tad sad that the NFL season flew by.

This week we have two very exciting games that should come down to the wire.

We are quite confident with our selections this week so sit back, relax and enjoy our NFL Conference Championship preview!

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles

The red hot San Francisco 49ers head into Philadelphia to take on the #1 seed Eagles.

The 49ers have won 12 straight and are in their third Conference Championship in the last four years.

While the 49ers did not look great last week, we believe that they will play a lot better on the road against a Philadelphia team that is still a tad overrated in our opinion.

Despite their 38-7 beat down of the New York Giants, the Eagles are a squad that are a couple years early to compete for a Super Bowl.

While Jalen Hurts has been absolutely amazing this year, we believe that the experienced 49ers defence will be able to force him into making some crucial turnovers.

While all the talk is about Brock Purdy and being inexperienced for this big game on the road, Jalen Hurts doesn’t have any experience playing on this big of a stage either.

The 49ers definitely have the experience factor of playing in big games and we believe that they will not blow another fourth quarter lead like they did last year against the Rams when they were up 17-7 in the NFC Championship Game.

The Championship window for a team is usually 5 years and these 49ers are at a point where they need to win now.

With a Super Bowl appearance three years ago, the 49ers are desperate for a chance at redemption.

We believe with all their offensive weapons, the 49ers will be able to control the pace of the game and keep the Eagles high octane offense on the sidelines.

As long as Brock Purdy doesn’t make any boneheaded mistakes, the 49ers should be able to sustain long drives with their run game which eventually tire out the Eagles defence in the 2nd half.

While it’s very hard to back a rookie quarterback on the road and a head coach that has had some major collapses in the Playoffs, we believe that this is the 49ers year.

Expect the 49ers to cover the 2.5 point spread and win this game outright.

We would be shocked if the 49ers came all this way to lay an egg in the NFC Championship game.

Experience wins so take the team that was here last year.

Selection: San Francisco 49ers +2.5 @ 2.00

NFL - Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome to a rematch of the 2021 AFC Championship Game.

Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to try to score on the one-yard line heading into halftime and was stopped.

Down 21-10, the Bengals rallied in the second half and pulled off a huge upset to send them to the Super Bowl.

Now, these teams face off again in what should be a great matchup.

The Chiefs would love to be in their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years while the Bengals are looking to win the Super Bowl after losing last year to the Rams.

While all the talk is about Patrick Mahomes’ ankle, we believe people are forgetting about the Bengals offensive line problems.

Last week, those problems were not exploited as the Bills came out completely flat.

We believe that the Kansas City defense will be able to get a ton of pressure on Joe Burrow and make this Cincinnati offense look like how it did against the Ravens two weeks ago.

While we have a lot of confidence in Joe Burrow, we believe that Patrick Mahomes will finally beat him.

Joe is 3-0 against Mahomes in his career, and we are positive that Mahomes is not ready to pass the torch to the Bengals as the premier team in the AFC Conference.

Winning in Kansas City is always hard and we think that the Chiefs will make a few more plays down the stretch to win this game.

While all the hype is surrounding the Bengals, take the Chiefs here and expect Patrick to play great despite his ankle.

Getting the Chiefs at a pick ‘em is absurd and we will always take our chances with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead on Sunday night.

Selection: Kansas City Chiefs +0.5 @ 1.87

So there you have it.

We are expecting a rematch of the 2019 Super Bowl.

This week our multi pays roughly 3:1 and we are very confident that both the 49ers and Chiefs will take care of business.

Enjoy these two wonderful games this week and soak in all the football you can get before the season ends!

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