NHL Weekly Preview - Stanley Cup Final - Colorado Avalanche Versus Tampa Bay Lightning

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The National Hockey League has been a very pleasant sight for sporting fans in 2022 largely due to the fact that the playoffs have been one of the most exciting in history. Whether it’s a defensive masterclass from both goalkeepers, or a shootout that sees multiple hat tricks in one single game, there have been so many highlight moments for fans to remember. Having said all that, the tournament is now down to the last two standing. These two teams have made it through the throttle of their respective conferences and now have the opportunity to play for a Stanley Cup. Everything boils down to this set of games which will either be a huge triumphing moment or one to think about for a long time. The Tampa Bay Lightning are no new stranger to this week and their back to back reigning championships would say they are quite good in fact. On the flip side, the Colorado Avalanche have a roster built to score teams out of the building and they will need to play some clean defense in order to survive. Stake.com has the best NHL odds in the game and the promos to match your wants and needs! Head over to the sportsbook and bet all series long!

The early round exit curse has finally been lifted from the backs of the Colorado Avalanche and they are ready to tear up the competition. The NHL’s most heavily offensive attacking team at the moment, the Avalanche create so much because of the weapons they are afforded on offense and mid. Their skaters provide insurance where needed and they are allowed so many shots in a game because of the way they move the puck around. A complete opposite of the Lightning, they often concede goals in bunches but score so many they are not able to come back or compete. If there is something to key in on in terms of weaknesses for the Avalanche, look at their rotation of goalkeepers throughout this series. They have two goalkeepers who are nowhere near the level of the opposing GK, which may mean that peppering the goal will be effective. Getting back to help and making life easier on the back end will be important for Colorado if they want to win this series.

The League’s most experienced and most clutch team the past two years, the Tampa Bay Lightning, are back into another Stanley Cup Finals. After being down 0-2 to the NY Rangers, life seemed hard and hopeless. However, the sheer will and knowledge the Lightning possessed was enough to steer a huge comeback into a four to two game series win to get here. Vasi is one of the goalkeepers in the world and is proving his worth every time he takes the ice, carrying the team on his back from his goal. The Lightning know how to play hockey at a high fundamental level and it often results in more power plays and opportunities for them. Defense turns into great offense when executed correctly, and the Lightning know all about making things happen from one end of the ice to the other.

Prediction for the Series - Colorado Avalanche 4-3 in a tight series, we will be seeing how these two teams fare in Game 1 this Wednesday!