NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 24

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What a hockey season we’ve had and still to go.

The NHL is back for week twenty-four of action and this is when teams ramp up the pace.

With the postseason in sights, coaches will be adjusting their rotations and making their final changes to anticipate the potential onslaught of games and potential events.

Injuries always scare some of the top playoff teams, and an option to rest some of their star players when it comes down towards the end of March will not be unlikely.

For now, though, teams are still going to fight tooth and nail to secure a win. Three points and a win are needed to advance to the next stage of the season, the Stanley Cup tournament.

Goalies are still one of the most pivotal positions in the league, and teams have finally started to counter the goal fest that was the first few months of the NHL season.

Making stops at the end of games and securing the win through empty net has become a custom for hot teams, and the chance to go to OT and play extra minutes is not something they want to face.

Let’s look at some of the best matchups this week on Stake.com’s sportsbook!

Minnesota Wild versus New Jersey Devils - Tuesday, March 21st

The Minnesota Wild have been picking up the slack as of late and now find themselves in a position to make the playoffs once again.

Their defensive woes have calmed down and they have locked in to become one of the better defensive teams in the league.

Conceding goals has not been their problem in the past month or so, but their offense has kind of gotten cold.

Realizing opportunities are in their hands, the Wild have not been able to capitalize on many chances this season and that could be something for deep improvement come playoff time.

For now, they will have to quell a dangerous Devils team that can score from anywhere on the ice.

Their defence should be stark enough, but will their offense come through?

New Jersey has a great shot at making a huge run in the NHL playoffs this season and they are absolutely in-form right now.

Taking down all opponents in their path by multi-goal victories, the Devils look like a true contender to go deep not only within the Eastern Conference, but throughout the whole league.

Their scoring and ability to play off each other has created a ton of goal-scoring chances and they have taken them in their stride very nicely.

Their defence remains a bit suspect, but their results this season would show otherwise.

They are a legitimate team to be scared of heading into the playoffs, and for good reason.

Betting Prediction - NJ Devils ML on the under on total goals here.

Tampa Bay Lightning versus Boston Bruins - Saturday, March 25th

The TB Lightning and Boston Bruins could be a potential matchup we see in the Eastern Conference playoffs here in the NHL.

TB is a veteran squad with tons of experience and have won the tournament twice over the past four years, however, Boston is a team looking to silence all the doubters with this season.

They started off as the best team in the NHL, and still remain amongst the elite, but are struggling to find consistency in the last parts of the season.

With how close things are, they will need to show resilience and battle towards the end.

Prediction - TB Lightning ML and the over on goals.