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Biggest & Most Popular Esports Tournaments - Bet on Global Esports Events

Esports have been on the rise, especially in online betting via Stake Sportsbook , because they allow you to wager on the biggest international events or professional players. The gaming community is vast, stretching across all countries and continents, so you have plenty of betting options regarding games, teams, and individual players here at Stake.com.

What are Esporting Events?

Esports events are competitive gaming tournaments in which qualified teams battle against each other for titles and money prizes. These teams include professional gamers who dedicate their lives to their craft. So, whether you watch an event for League of Legends , Rocket League , or another game, you can be confident that you’ll get top-quality content.

You can wager on these events like you would on real-life soccer matches and basketball games . What makes these events stand out, though, is that you can always stream the competitions live, thanks to how they are set up.

What are the Biggest Esports Tournaments & Competitions?

While numerous Esports tournaments and competitions are available for betting online, not all of them can match the exclusivity of the biggest ones. These tournaments are a privilege to witness, drawing in the very best players. One example is the International, which holds the record for being the biggest Dota 2 event in history.

Alternatively, you can wager on specific teams, players, and outcomes for the LoL World Championship. You can also bet on the Valorant Game Changers Championship, which produces the most prominent Valorant Champions. Aside from an international tournament and competition, you can also bet on Valorant regional leagues.

What are the Most Popular Esports Tournament Games?

One of the best parts about betting on online esports tournaments is the diversity you get among your betting options. You can wager on everything from NBA 2K tournaments to gaming classics by Riot Games like League of Legends and Valorant. You can find these and many more popular games on Stake's Esports betting page. Be sure to check out our Esports betting guide to learn more about getting started.

Many bettors gravitate towards contests and tournaments for Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege . Of course, there are also the ever-popular League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch 2 , which even has its own dedicated professional Overwatch Champions Series. This is currently one of the biggest events for this game, much like Overwatch League used to be.

Who are the Key Players & Champions to Watch?

Esports are so exciting to watch and bet on because there is an impressive number of elite players, many of whom are champions, across all games and tournaments. One of the biggest names in professional gaming for the past 20 years has been Patrik Lindberg, also known by his gaming handle f0rest. Patrik has dominated Counter-Strike competitions since 2005, helping his teams reach astronomical success.

According to most fans of the game, Faker, whose legal name is Sang Hyeok Lee, is the best player to ever compete professionally in League of Legends contests. This South Korean LoL icon started gaming professionally at 17, and though the number isn’t definite, the estimate is that he has compiled over $1.5 million in prize money .

Daigo Umehara, who goes by Daigo, is the preeminent name for 2D fighting games. This Japanese gamer, who you might also know as the Beast, holds the Guinness World Record for the most successful player in major tournaments on Street Fighter. Although he excels in multiple 2D fighting games, Street Fighter is the one he’s best known for.

Young Ho Lee, better known in the gaming world as Flash, has been a member of two high-profile teams: the Evil Geniuses and KT Rolster. This gamer’s primary focus is the StarCraft games, specifically StarCraft II and StarCraft: Brood War, as you can see by the dozens of tournament wins in his career.

How can I Bet on Esports & Tournaments on Stake Sportsbook?

Betting on esports matchups and tournaments at Stake Sportsbook is reasonably straightforward, as you can see in our sports betting guide . Once you create your account and deposit money into it using crypto methods or local currency payment methods , you can check out the live events happening at the moment. Alternatively, you can look through the upcoming events.

Aside from betting on which team will win a specific matchup or even a tournament, you can also bet on whether the duel will go into overtime. Aside from that, you can bet on whether the game will have an odd or an even number of rounds. For League of Legends, you can also bet for the winner of each map and how long each map will last.

Tips for Esports Betting, Live Streaming & Responsible Gambling

Before betting on any international Esports event or tournament, you should research the players and teams participating. You should also consult our pre-match statistics and comparisons of the two sides to get a clear picture of the odds.

We also enable you to keep up with all esports events as they happen in real time through our live stream feature . All you have to do is access the Live Stream tab and find all ongoing major events. From there, find the event you bet on and click on the little screen icon to start the live stream.

Esports tournaments and competitions can be incredibly entertaining, especially when you try wagering. That said, you should always aim to gamble responsibly, which is why we have a responsible gambling guide for you to consult.

If you’re a regular bettor at Stake, learn about the exclusive rewards you can access via the Stake VIP Club . VIPs have access to a dedicated host to enhance the online betting experience, as well as several other benefits like rakeback and reload bonuses .

If you have questions about our responsible gambling tools or the VIP Club perks, you can always consult the customer support guide or look into the dedicated VIP Club FAQ page.