Super Bowl LVII Tips and Predictions: Player Props

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The NFL turns its attention to one of the, if not the biggest sporting event of the annual year.

The Super Bowl is open to bet for all, and we are so excited to be offering the best sport lines and prop bets in 2023!

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have been more than deserving winners of their conferences, and now face off for a chance at history.

In this article we will be diving into some of the best (and most fun) prop bets to lay on during Sunday’s great spectacle!

The game has a ton of intricacies and events within the huge final, which means a ton of props to bet on!

Whether it’s the National Anthem time, or Rihanna’s dress colour, we will have all of the gaming props ready to bet on ’s sportsbook!

These props are at some great odds, and why not take a chance on some of these events happening on the big day?

Spice your Super Bowl bets up with some of the best prop offerings in the sportsbook world, and don’t forget to take advantage of our promotions running every week!

Prop Bets to Look Out For

Player Prop - Jalen Hurts Rushing TD @ 2.16 Odds

To start things off we’ll be talking about a player prop that we feel is going to be a slammer in the SB.

Jalen Hurts is one of the most dynamic players on the field, second to Patrick Mahomes.

Hurts has had an MVP calibre year, and he has done everything in his power to help the Eagles get to this point.

In that “everything” he has done, the rushing ability of Hurts has been insane.

Two-dimensional with a load of explosiveness, Hurts will need to display all of his talents in order to get to the finish line in this one.

If the Eagles can get within five yards of the end-zone, the chances that Jalen can rush one in is significantly high.

They have loved going to him in short yardage situations, and he can also scramble from the pocket to find some openings.

Game Prop - Colour of First Gatorade Poured - Yellow/Green @ 2.65 Odds

The traditional pouring of the Gatorade on the coach’s head has been a Super Bowl tradition for years upon years.

The winner of this game will likely have their clothes drenched with the sports drink, but which colour is the question?

In past history, the green or yellow combination has done extremely well.

Recently, it has hit several different times and there’s a reason it is a firm favorite for Super Bowl 57 as well.

Andy Reid and Nick Sirianni will have their hands full if they are able to win this game, so bet on the yellow juice to come out flowing this Sunday!

Game Prop - Both Teams to score each Quarter? - Yes @ 7.50 Odds

A fun bet that you will be able to keep track of throughout the game is the ability for both teams to score each quarter .

Normally, the NFL has periods of times where either team cannot get the ball into the uprights or endzone, every quarter.

However, with these two high powered offenses, we believe there will be a chance to take with such big odds bet!

It’s definitely easier said than done, but both teams are putting it all out on the line.

Philly and KC will be trading blows, and there’s a chance both teams will score each quarter.


Bet your favorite SB props on and get to see all the action go down this Sunday!