The Masters 2023 Tournament Preview

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One of the biggest, if not the biggest tournaments in all of golf is here and we are more than excited to be offering all selections on !

The Masters 2023 Open is one of four grand slams and possibly the event that gains the most coverage from all media in the golf world.

This tournament is essential to win if you want your name to be etched amongst the greats and there are several life-changing opportunities that arise from a great performance at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Tiger Woods, Jack Nickalus, and just last year, Scottie Scheffler, are examples of big-name players putting on great shows at Augusta.

The nerves and anxiety will be there for any player, regardless of previous experience.

The green jackets are some of the most prestigious honours in all of golf, and your season is enhanced 100x over during the Masters.

Making sure you’re on your game and making no mistakes on early holes, especially when it comes to the driver, will be important for everyone involved.

Let’s look at some of the potential winners this week, for one of the biggest tournaments in all of sport. The Masters !!

Players to Watch For

Jon Rahm - World’s Best

Jon Rahm and his scintillating form has carried over and provided the PGA Tour with some scary prospects of his presence.

Rahm has been nearly top three in every single tournament he has partook in, and he has won multiple events this season alone.

Rahm currently sits atop of the world standings, and he is racing to distance himself from the pack.

Making sure he’s healthy and ready to go for the Masters, Rahm is a clear favourite at this event, amongst the pack of heavy, heavy talents.

Only the world’s best have an opportunity to show out on the biggest stage, and his first green jacket may be in store.

Jon has had numerous situations in which he has faced opposition from his own play and others and has come out on top several times.

He is way too strong to bet against right now and should be at the top of the list on everyone’s picks.

Scottie Scheffler - He’s Back

The current reigning king of the Green Jacket, Scottie Scheffler will be hard-pressed to find another event that is more important to his future than the Masters.

Having already won the tournament in 2022, Scheffler is going to pull out all the stops in order to try and secure another victory in 2023.

Scheffler is familiar with his own talents, and he will have a great shot at making the world his once again.

Currently wrestling over the #1 spot with Jon Rahm, he needs to make a big statement in Augusta.

Rory Mcllroy - Legend in the Green?

Rory Mcllroy is one of the legends of the game of golf, but still does not have the elusive green jacket win to his name.

One of the best players of all time, he has won nearly everything in this sport, but is still searching for his first master’s win.

The impact that he has had on the game is next to none, but he still wants to clean up his resume with a win here.

Rory is not in the best form of his career right now, but on any given weekend, can be as dangerous as the best of them.

He will not be worried about the likes of players like Tiger Woods this time around, but there are still many hungry heads looking to turn the tables.