US Open Golf Grand Slam - June 16th - June 19th 2022 - Tournament Preview And Predictions

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The US Open is one of the big four tournaments throughout the year for Golf players around the world. It encompasses the best golfers in the world trying to add one of the most historic silverwares to their collection. In 2022, the field looks to be hugely up in the air. There are no “clear” favorites in this year’s competition, which will make it very interesting for neutral fans and the players themselves. Often over the past two years, the favorite heavy competitions have not been delivering in terms of expected winners. This means that the young guard is finally putting up fights, as well as talented veterans making a name for themselves. There is no expectation for anyone to put up the best tournament of their lives in the US Open this year, so we will see what the field has to offer! The Stake Sportsbook has futures odds and matchup odds on the competition this year so head over now and test your knowledge!

Analysis - Possible Outright Winners

Scottie Scheffler - The Most In-Form Man on the Planet?

Golfing fans have grown accustomed to calling Scottie Scheffler’s name on Sundays, especially after the past few months. The American has been largely consistent in how he has played the green over the past six months, resulting in increased points on the PGA tour and a boatload of prize money. If there’s anyone coming into this tournament with the utmost confidence in themselves, it’s going to be Scottie. Key points to look out for in his game include the putting aspect and how he’s coming up with the ball in tight situations. If Scheffler is feeling himself, it might be all over for the rest of the field.

Rory Mcllroy - Resurgent Rory is Dancing!

The legend of the UK’s Rory Mcllroy is still growing, and his recent win at the Canadian Open means there is still a ton left in the tank. Rory is a fan favorite amongst the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and will be looking to put a dent in the PGA tour with a US Open crown to his name, once again. Mcllroy and his team knows that this course suits his abilities and because of this will feel confident heading into the first tee time. The key for Rory in these conditions is to survive the cut and build his play up until Sunday. Recently, his Sundays have been crazy and historic. Clutch golfing in his genes, Rory is never a doubt in situations like the US Open.

Justin Thomas - Don’t look now

Justin Thomas is creating a great run of form for himself heading into the US Open. Another major win under his belt, the veteran doesn’t seem old but in golfing years he has been on the scene for a minute now. His talent is never in question, and he is another one of those players who can pop off on any given weekend. Look for JT to create some plays down the stretch to either disrupt the pack or make a name for his own self. has all the best US Open odds out there, so head over now and bet your heart’s desire!